Where to buy legal weed in N.J.: an updated list

Three more legal dispensaries opened in New Jersey this month. There are now 30 stores dotting the state that are open for recreational sales. We will continue to update this list with details on where you can buy legal weed

Committee calls Paxton’s legal impeachment theory ‘bunk’

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s team claims impeaching him based on the allegations of the proposed $3.3 million whistleblower settlement with former employees would violate state law. But the committee investigating him said Paxton’s legal theory is “bunk.

Paxton impeachment leads lawmakers into uncharted legal grounds

An impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton on Saturday could open a Pandora’s Box of legal questions surrounding the process, conflicts of interest and what would happen to the office of state’s top lawyer while he would be sidelined from