100 Positive Reviews Show LegalMatch Helps Attorneys Thrive During Pandemic

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — LegalMatch.com has collected over 100 success stories and positive reviews from member attorneys on its website. 50 of these contain video interviews in which attorneys discuss the ways LegalMatch has benefited and grown their practices.

For any business, success stories act as a measure of the quality and reliability of the services provided. Especially for subscription-based platforms like LegalMatch, positive reviews are a benchmark indicator of the level of satisfaction experienced by member attorneys, who use the LegalMatch marketing model to increase their client base and online web presence.

The high number of positive reviews comes at a time when the legal industry, and the economy as a whole, have been experiencing setbacks due to the impacts of pandemic conditions. Even under such conditions, LegalMatch has continued to increase in case retentions and case submission volume.

This is reassuring news for both attorneys and clients alike, who must find ways to connect even though in-person meetings and interactions have been limited. Because LegalMatch’s platform is completely remote and online, attorneys can still forge proper working relations with potential clients, and clients are able to select from a wide variety of attorneys through LegalMatch. This allows consumers to gain access to much-needed legal services in all major practice areas.

"Being able to handle your case or operate your law practice remotely is very important during the pandemic. Attorneys didn’t have any good options other than finding a way to facilitate remote communications and marketing for new clients. Our member attorneys had to do very little adapting to overcome the changes the pandemic caused because LegalMatch’s services operate remotely by default. In many instances, our member attorneys didn’t see any change in business, rather some increased because their business operations were ahead of the curve," says James Gagliano, LegalMatch’s Sr. Director of Member Services.

As the Delta COVID-19 variant emerges, the American consumer population must brace itself for ongoing adjustments and changes to the economy. In the meantime, communication between potential clients who need legal services can remain open through online matching platforms such as LegalMatch.

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