Abandoned Homes Project Launches “Heirs that Care” Program to Assist Families with Probate Costs

Vouchers will assist families that have inherited properties with legal, title, and/or exterior violation issues

BEACHWOOD, Ohio, April 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Abandoned Homes Project (the "Project") has announced the launch of their much-anticipated "Heirs that Care" program. The new program will offer free or low-cost legal assistance to families that have inherited properties but cannot afford to hire a probate attorney or deal with other common, costly issues.

Probate attorneys can easily charge up to $10,000 to correct these issues.

The newly-issued vouchers provide similar services to families for free through a network of volunteer attorneys and caseworkers

Selected homeowners will receive their vouchers via Priority Mail beginning April 18, 2022.

The vouchers are good for 30 days after issuance. Homeowners are encouraged to act quickly to redeem their vouchers to avoid losing their benefits.

"Our research shows that 60% of the families who inherit real estate in urban communities are unable to realize a financial gain from the inheritance. Properties are too often riddled with legal issues like old mortgage, delinquent taxes, judgment or Medicaid liens," said attorney Wendy S. Rosett, who served as General Legal Counsel for the Project.

Homeowners can redeem their vouchers by calling 216.766.5705 or by calling their caseworker directly at the number listed under the "Case Information" section on the vouchers.

Vouchers can also be redeemed online at http://www.ahponline.org by clicking on the YELLOW "Start Here" button.

About the Abandoned Homes Project

Since 2015, the Project has invigorated the conversation about changing the way local governments, community development organizations, and residents of urban and rural communities impacted by the abandoned homes crisis can work together to solve this critical social issue.

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