Advocate Rights Center Launches New Website: The Trusted Source for Mass Tort Marketing and Intake

DALLAS, Nov. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Advocate Rights Center is proud to announce the launch of our new website,

Advocate Rights Center is dedicated to helping victims obtain justice after exposure to dangerous and defective consumer products, medical devices, medications, and toxic substances.

Robert Wilson, President and Founder of the Center, proudly stated, “Since generating our first mass tort intakes in 2019, feedback from law firms was consistent: We generate the most accurate, complete, and comprehensive intakes that lead to more cases filed on an intake-to-intake basis.”

In the world of mass tort and product liability cases, qualifying prospective claimants can be a daunting task. Advocate Rights Center understands the unique challenges faced by law firms, which includes eliminating intake fraud by employing cutting-edge technologies and techniques to achieve that goal. 

At the Advocate Rights Center, our goal is to deliver high-quality, paralegal-friendly intakes that more seamlessly turn into filed cases by focusing on three key qualities of a Precise Intake:

  1. Accuracy: We understand the importance of accurate information. By ensuring that the details provided by claimants are reliable and precise, we save our clients valuable time and resources. With our rigorous screening process, we strive to eliminate inaccuracies and provide law firms with reliable data from the start.

  2. Completeness: Gathering missing information can be a time-consuming and resource-draining task. Advocate Rights Center aims to streamline the process by generating complete intakes. By doing so, we reduce the burden on law firms, increase productivity, and ensure that all necessary information is recorded in the client’s file, setting the stage for a smooth legal process.

  3. Comprehensiveness: Building strong cases requires a comprehensive understanding of each claimant’s situation. Our dedicated team at Advocate Rights Center is committed to generating comprehensive intakes, providing law firms with a wealth of information that can lead to more satisfied clients, increased efficiencies, and a higher return on investment.

Precision matters when it comes to qualifying prospective claimants. Our expertise in mass tort marketing and intakes ensures that you can focus on what you do best: representing and winning cases.

“We are excited to introduce Advocate Rights Center as the go-to resource for law firms seeking precise mass tort marketing and intake,” said Mr. Wilson. “Our team of legal intake professionals are trained with a focus on helping our law firm clients build stronger cases that empower them in the pursuit of justice for their clients.”

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About Advocate Rights Center:

Advocate Rights Center is a leading provider of mass tort marketing and intake solutions. With a commitment to precision and excellence combined with deep understanding and experience in mass tort cases, we empower law firms by delivering high-quality, paralegal-friendly intakes that result in more cases filed on an intake-to-intake basis.

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