Agiloft Launches University to Support Rise of Contract Operations Role as Business-Critical Function

Companies with most successful contract lifecycle management systems have dedicated contract ops professionals to further widen the competitive advantage of enterprise CLM.

Agiloft University focused on creating new generation of contract ops professionals and certified Agiloft Administrators.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Jan. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Agiloft, the global standard in no-code contract lifecycle management (CLM), today announced the launch of Agiloft University in response to the rise of contract operations as a business-critical role and CLM emerging into the mainstream for corporations worldwide. The new online Agiloft University will create the next generation of contract ops professionals and certified Agiloft Administrators within their organizations.

“Last year we saw the rise of the contract operations pro and the start of a talent war to secure their services,” said Eric Laughlin, CEO of Agiloft. “As contract lifecycle management (CLM) establishes itself as a business-critical function in the enterprise, a new breed of in-house professional is needed to handle the processes and technology used to manage contracts. Agiloft University will deepen that talent pool and empower users to become Agiloft Administrators within their organizations, giving customers a competitive advantage and helping them futureproof their CLM.”

Agiloft University’s curriculum will train users from across enterprise procurement, sales, and legal teams to become contract operations pros and optimize their use of Agiloft’s flexible no-code platform. Offering users of all levels targeted training using online tutorials, videos, learning plans, and training materials, Agiloft University will enhance their skills whether they are new to the platform or have already spent time working within the platform’s limitless configuration potential. Agiloft University pupils will also:

  • Learn to configure their CLM system to further streamline operations, increase revenue, and reduce risk.
  • Maximize ROI by learning how to enhance usability, automate reporting, and expand user adoption.
  • Improve security and compliance with instruction on advanced permission structures, secure notifications, and other critical security features.

Agiloft University’s curriculum is maintained by experienced Agiloft configuration experts and will cover a wide range of topics, from basic template creation on Agiloft’s robust Contract Assistant for Microsoft Word, to security and keeping their organization’s data safe.

“Agiloft University will give our customers the tools and training to meet the needs of today’s contract-driven enterprise,” said Gordon Loudon, VP of Professional Services and Training at Agiloft. “With the ability for business users to become Agiloft Administrators and contract operations professionals, they will serve a business-critical role in the continuous improvement and day-to-day operations of a CLM system.”

Rose Booble, Global Technical Training Manager at Agiloft, adds: “Customers continue to choose Agiloft because of our unmatched adaptability, scalability, reputation for implementation success, and overall customer-centric approach. But CLM operations require professionals who can understand contracts inside and out, as well as how they flow through a complex organization. That role requires dedicated, trained professionals who understand contracts and the various stakeholders who need access to the information and insights they contain. Agiloft University will ensure our graduates have the skills they need to ensure their CLM is both optimized and a strategic competitive advantage for their corporation.”

Agiloft University features three certification levels that will give graduates the skills they need to master and then move beyond the foundational stage of automating their contract management processes to connecting the data that is hidden in those contracts to key people and processes across their organization. This will ensure that their organization’s unstructured contract data is transformed into business-critical intelligence that ultimately delivers more strategic value and intelligence to optimize wider business outcomes.

Agiloft University is open to all Agiloft users starting January 12. Learn more and enroll here.

In addition to this new online training, Agiloft users will join in person for classroom-style instruction and one-on-one sessions at Agiloft UniversityLIVE happening at The Agiloft Summit in Las Vegas January 24-26. Learn more and sign up here.

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