Ally Law Announces New Global Campaign to Help Businesses and Firms Achieve Sustainability Goals

MINNEAPOLIS, June 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ally Law, a global network of premier law firms, today announces its new global sustainability program

“We believe sustainability is the future of law. As the first major legal network with a specific sustainability focus, our 80 member firms & 2800 lawyers have committed to adopting business practices that protect the environment and preserve natural resources,” said Ramesh Vaidyanathan, President of Ally Law and the founder of India member firm, Advaya Legal. “To support our members in this endeavor, we’ve launched leadership and educational initiatives to help them deliver consistent, high-quality services over the long term. We’re also sharing best practices for DEI initiatives, access to justice programs and Mansfield and B Corp certification.”

Our Denver, Colorado based member, Moye White, has a B Corp certification, which is a distinguished designation awarded to companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Other members who are Mansfield Certified, which is a designation that aims to boost diversity in leadership by broadening the pool of talent for leadership roles, include: Varnum (Michigan), 6.0 Certified; Vorys (Ohio & Texas), 6.0 Certified; Phillips Nizer (New York), 5.0 Certified Plus; Smith Anderson (North Carolina), 5.0 Certified Plus; Moye White (Colorado), Midsize Participating Firm; and Much (Illinois), Midsize Participating Firm.

Added Paola Sangiovanni, First Vice President of Ally Law and a partner in Italy member firm, Gitti and Partners, “Ally Law member firms and leadership are committed to achieving access to justice; diversity, equity and inclusion; the health and wellness of our firms, clients and communities; and protecting and restoring the environment. Working together, we believe that we can play a role in creating a better, more sustainable world for all.”

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