Alpine Intel Announces New Fire Investigation Brand, National Fire Experts, Highlighting Key Innovations

National Fire Experts is pioneering new ways to serve the evolving needs of customers and the insurance solutions industry

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Alpine Intel, a leading insurance solutions provider, today announced that one of its operating brands, Donan, has expanded its fire investigation offerings to form National Fire Experts.

The fire investigation service, known for its hundreds of years of combined experience and high-quality product, has improved its offerings, streamlined its operations and sharpened its focus to do what it does best – deliver the origin and cause of fires. This new brand serves to distinguish the organization as it’s evolved and to highlight the changes that will set the standard for the industry as a whole. This includes developing the next phase in fire reports, performing thorough fire investigations and providing its certified fire investigators with extensive training in customer service, report writing and litigation support.

“With fire investigations being a crucial factor of the claims process for carriers, we decided to combine the expertise, industry standards and investigative testing methods from Donan Fire Investigation with improved cycle times and enhanced reports to form National Fire Experts,” said Damon Stafford, CEO, Alpine Intel. “Our mission is to continually innovate new ways to serve our customers by addressing their needs as well as the evolving industry challenges. That’s exactly what we did here, and we’re thrilled to bring the changes to our customers.”

Three key product enhancements include:

1.  Actions Report: A new, actionable section for the origin and cause reports delivered by the fire investigations team. The report identifies:

  • The most plausible cause of the fire
  • Other plausible scenarios that should be considered, if applicable
  • Actions items the adjuster can take to narrow down the cause further, if applicable
  • Possible responsible parties
  • The status of relevant evidence

2.  Summary page at the beginning of structural fire reports: The easy-to-read summary will immediately call attention to the most important details insurance carriers need to make accurate settlement decisions.
3.  Reduced cycle times: Technology and operations improvements have cut our average cycle times down to seven business days for structural fires and 10 business days for vehicle/equipment fires from the time of project acknowledgment.

National Fire Experts’ nationwide footprint ensures coverage and capabilities to serve the country’s largest carriers as well as smaller, regional clients. Each investigation is performed to the highest standards, and the best-in-class reports produced go through rigorous technical review for quality control and consistency, ensuring unbiased, conclusive findings. The reports deliver the most plausible origin and cause of residential, commercial, industrial, vehicle and specialty equipment fires.

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About Alpine Intel:

Alpine Intel is dedicated to innovation across a broad range of property insurance intelligence – helping our customers reach peak performance throughout the policy life cycle. Through our operating brands, HVACi, StrikeCheck, National Fire Experts, Donan Engineering and Component Testing Laboratory, we are respected as the industry leader for our scale and track record of conducting expert, specialized, and accurate investigations nationwide. Our objective results provide significant value for insurance companies, investors, law firms, and manufacturers, all of whom serve residential and commercial customers. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, our team of experienced professionals provides high-quality solutions across all 50 states.

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