American Investment Migration Steps Up to Assist EB-5 Investors in Troubled Projects

Thousands of EB-5 investors currently facing I-829 removal of conditions denials now have a source of information specifically designed to help them and their attorneys.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — American Investment Migration LLC (AIM), a forerunner in the investment migration sector, is pleased to announce the publication of a seminal article titled “After EB-5 Project Failure: Is Permanent Green Card Success Possible?” authored by its partner, Kraig Schwigen.

A number of projects within the EB-5 program, designed to help foreign investors secure U.S. green cards via job-creating ventures, have failed to produce the number of jobs required by the program rules. Given these challenges, our new article serves as a guide for investors, particularly those with Conditional Permanent Residence status, to achieve their permanent green card objectives.

Some of the points the article covers includes:

  1. How EB-5 investors can overcome a lack of job creation in their initial EB-5 investment.
  2. Guidance for EB-5 investors without enough job creation for I-829 approval.
  3. Where EB-5 investors in failed projects can get information and assistance.
  4. Why Job creation failures are an ever-growing issue in the EB-5 program.

In his article, Schwigen emphasizes the invaluable strategy of directing additional investment into a new New Commercial Enterprise (NCE). This proactive move not only facilitates job creation but targets alignment with the primary objectives of the investors. Essential takeaways also include understanding the conditions vital for successful navigation, from retaining the lawful resident status to the judicious selection of new projects.

“Immigration success has been able to be achieved even after an EB-5 project failure and I believe the pathway to success is more defined now than it has ever been in the past”.
Kraig Schwigen

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