Attorney Jan K. Apo Assigned to Liaison Committee in Ongoing Maui Wildfire Litigation

MAUI, Hawaii, Nov. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Jan K. Apo of Apo, Reck & Kusachi, who is working in collaboration with nationally-renowned wildfire litigation attorney, Mikal C. Watts of Watts Guerra LLC, has been assigned as one of the five plaintiff attorneys to the Liaison Committee overseeing the lawsuit against utility entities Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc., Hawaii Electric Light Company, Inc., and Maui Electric Company (HECO).

The Complaint alleges that gross negligence on the part of these utility companies was the direct and proximate cause of the devastating Maui wildfire. Jan K. Apo’s assignment to the committee reinforces the local involvement and commitment to ensuring justice for the community he calls home. In a recent town hall meeting held by Apo and Watts, Apo warned that the defendants in this case are fighting tooth and nail regarding their claims and are going out of their way to make the process unnecessarily difficult.

“What I’ve seen [from my work on the Liaison Committee] is that the whole strategy is to delay the cases, and that is not right. Not only have they been delaying everything, they’ve been trying to hide everything and trying to cover up everything from early on in the case, when the electric company was out there trying to remove evidence that’s important to the cause of the fire,” Jan K. Apo said in a town hall meeting in Lahaina in October 2023.

Watts Guerra LLC and Apo, Reck & Kusachi bring together the national prowess of a leading mass tort litigation firm and the local understanding of the Lahaina community. Jan K. Apo is not only an attorney in this case but also a victim/plaintiff who suffered tremendous personal and property loss in the wildfire, making his assignment to the Liaison Committee especially poignant.


Watts Guerra LLC is a national leader in mass tort litigation, particularly in cases involving wildfire devastation, product liability and environmental disasters. Founded by Mikal C. Watts, who helped secure a landmark $13.5 billion settlement for victims of the California wildfires in 2019, the firm is unwavering in its commitment to defend the rights of individuals against corporate negligence.

Annie Scranton