Class-Action Settlement Reached to Resolve University Pay Equity Allegations

NEW YORK, Oct. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Outten & Golden LLP and Syracuse University announced a class-action settlement to resolve allegations of compensation discrimination raised by five female faculty members. Under the settlement agreement, the University will pay $3,713,000 to resolve the claims. This settlement does not represent an admission of any liability on the part of Syracuse University.

In a class action complaint filed today, the five female faculty members allege that the university-wide compensation and promotion policies and practices had an adverse impact on them and other female colleagues.

"We are pleased that Syracuse has agreed to resolve the claims, and the settlement will provide meaningful relief to our clients and other female faculty," said Deirdre A. Aaron of Outten & Golden.

"Syracuse University is committed – at all levels, across all faculty and staff positions – to providing an equitable and supportive work environment," says Senior Vice President for Academic Operations Steve Bennett. "We continue to work closely with academic leadership to ensure salaries are commensurate with every faculty member’s job responsibilities, efforts and accomplishments, regardless of gender."

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