Console & Associates, P.C.: Raptor Technologies Confirms Unsecured Database Leaked Sensitive Information Belonging to an Unknown Number of Students, Parents & Teachers

MARLTON, N.J., Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — An unknown number of parents, teachers and students are being notified that their confidential information was compromised when Raptor Technologies left a database containing confidential information exposed to the public. The data breach lawyers at Console & Associates, P.C. are investigating claims on behalf of anyone affected by the Raptor Technologies breach, hoping to fully inform them of the risks they face in the wake of the breach as well as their legal rights.

The sensitive personal data of teachers, students and parents has been compromised. Now, victims’ personally identifiable information may be in the hands of criminals, putting them at a greater risk of identity theft and other frauds.

On January 11, 2024, a cybersecurity researcher published his findings regarding his December 2023 discovery of an unsecured database that he believed belonged to Raptor Technologies. Raptor Technologies is a software company that provides schools across the United States with school security software, attendance and dismissal software, and emergency preparedness software.

Upon discovery of the unsecured database, which contained more than 4 million records, the cybersecurity researcher notified Raptor Technologies. In turn, Raptor Technologies confirmed that the database belonged to the company. Raptor Technologies then promptly prevented all future access. However, the cybersecurity researcher explained that the database contained a wealth of sensitive and confidential information.

The list of sensitive information that was exposed includes:

  • School incident response plans,
  • Details on background schools’ check systems,
  • Documents regarding at-risk students, including their personal and medical information.

While Raptor Technologies explains that there is no evidence suggesting any other unauthorized parties access the database, the company’s investigation is ongoing.

If you receive a data breach notice from Raptor Technologies, you could now be at risk of identity theft—and the devastating financial and legal consequences that go along with it.

What Should You Do if You Receive a Raptor Technologies Data Breach Letter?

Individuals who receive a data breach letter from Raptor Technologies should take steps to protect themselves. (See our Guide for Victims of Data Breach for more details at

Additionally, victims should consider contacting a data breach attorney immediately, as anyone who receives a data breach letter from Raptor Technologies may be entitled to financial compensation.

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