Don’t Let Clients Slip Away: Act Fast with LegalMatch’s Customizable Templates

RENO, Nev., March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Legal leads are crucial for any attorney’s success, and makes it easy to connect with new potential clients. But to stand out and get hired, speed is key. Clients are more likely to hire attorneys who respond quickly, and LegalMatch’s customizable response templates help you do just that.

While LegalMatch provides a constant stream of leads, tools, and guidance on finding the perfect clients, it cannot fully screen clients, and the final decision is up to each attorney. Many clients withhold crucial information in their initial submissions, making it difficult to assess their viability unless you get the client on a call. Customizable response templates help attorneys efficiently screen leads and connect with potential clients who fit their practice goals.

LegalMatch recommends that you create at least three templates, such as: 

  • Specialty Templates: Customize them for each practice area, highlighting your expertise and showcasing what sets you apart.
  • General Template: Use this for cases outside your specialties, directing clients to relevant resources if needed.
  • Consultation Template: Offer a free consultation to build rapport and understand their needs.

“Efficient communication is the key to success in the legal field. By utilizing templates, attorneys can respond promptly with accuracy and professionalism. In a legal environment, the ability to respond swiftly and effectively can be a decisive factor in acquiring and retaining clients,” says James Gagliano, LegalMatch’s Head of Customer Service.

Don’t worry about going it alone. LegalMatch offers personalized guidance from dedicated Key Account Managers who can help you create and customize templates, even providing sample templates for inspiration. Start using LegalMatch templates today and watch your response rate and client acquisition soar!

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