Freelance For Law Launches Legal Marketplace for Attorneys / Law Firms to Hire Additional Freelance Support

NEW YORK, Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Freelance For Law is proud to announce the launch of its new platform dedicated to helping Attorneys and law firms decrease cost and increase revenue. Freelance For Law provides law firms, solo practitioners, in-house counsel, and individuals a platform where they can hire on-demand support from a wide range of qualified legal professionals.

The expenses and uncertainty associated with hiring full-time employees can now be avoided with Freelance For Law. Attorneys and law firm managers no longer have to worry about payroll, taxes, office space, benefits, vacation, sick leave and all the other costs encountered when hiring new staff members.

This innovative online marketplace connects Attorneys with freelance lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, law school grads, receptionists, and law clerks who take on legal projects. Hiring legal freelancers can open new doors for Attorneys looking to expand their practice beyond the expertise limited at their firm—all at a lower cost compared to hiring a full-time Associate. No matter the complexity or the deadline, a verified freelancer will always be available to assist with urgent matters.

Attorneys simply post their project specifications, which should include the type of freelancer desired, legal category, due date, select skills required, and their budget. Once all of these details are complete, they simply confirm and post the project. From there, legal freelancers who meet the requirements will be notified of the new project posting and then are able to submit their proposals to the attorney. 

This user-friendly platform allows Attorneys to interview potential freelancers via messaging or video chat before hiring. Attorneys can then select a freelancer, submit payment, and close contracts all within the Website.

One unique feature offered on the Freelance For Law platform is called the Work Diary. This software takes periodic screenshots of the freelancer’s screen while their billing timer is running. The Work Diary ensures that attorneys are only paying for actual work completed on their project.

Law firms and Attorneys can post projects at no cost. A small merchant fee of 6% is required only at the time of payment to the selected freelancer for services. 

“I think Freelance For Law is a great service for attorneys and law firms. We can hire qualified legal professionals for short and long term projects, and set our own rates. It’s quick, easy and very user friendly.” Says Shyrissa Dobbins, Attorney At Law

“Remote work has suddenly become the new normal. During these harsh economic times, we aim to help attorneys and law firms lower costs through legal freelancing—while at the same time provide freelance lawyers with a viable option for flexible employment.” Says Brian Bedard, Co-Founder of Freelance For Law.

Attorneys can set up a profile on the user-friendly website and begin posting projects immediately. Experienced legal professionals are also encouraged to establish their profile. Visit to get started! 

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