Frontline Managed Services Opens Hawaii Operations to Extend Law Firm It Support Across U.S. Time Zones, Reaffirming Global Coverage and Resiliency

HONOLULU, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Frontline Managed Services announces its expansion to Hawaii with a new contact center in Honolulu to support its 24/7 IT Help Desk service for law firms worldwide. With this new location, the help desk is now staffed by U.S.-based support personnel from the Eastern Time Zone to the Hawaiian Time Zone, marking a six-hour difference that allows staff to enjoy daytime shifts while still providing around-the-clock response. The Honolulu center, which aims to onboard 20 specialists in full-time positions, also serves as a bridge to Frontline Managed Services’ growing operations in Goa and Hyderabad, India, successfully reaffirming the company’s global coverage and continued commitment to a “follow the sun” model with greater staff resiliency.

“Growth, innovation and client service are part of our company’s DNA as we strive for continuous improvement to how we deliver value for our law firm clients around the world,” said Seelin Naidoo, CEO of Frontline Managed Services. “This expansion allows us to continue providing high-level support during periods where IT request volumes can be unpredictable as we serve the late-night legal workforce in the continental U.S. and prepare for the opening of markets in Asia. In addition to the service upgrade from the talented workforce in Honolulu, we are also excited for the opportunity to join the Honolulu community as we anticipate continued growth at this new contact center.”

The decision to establish a Honolulu presence offers solutions to common challenges for call centers serving any industry, including providing 24/7 support, maximizing the availability of daytime work hours, and maintaining the security framework and compliance demands of a domestic IT operation while expanding operations across several time zones.

“Just as our Help Desk provides quick response and quality solutions to each call it receives, we are grateful to be in a position to quickly respond in this way to feedback from our clients and support staff,” Naidoo said. “We are excited to further bolster the connectivity between our Help Desk and law firm clients that span time zones around the world, while also providing more flexibility and balance for our global support team.”

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Frontline Managed Services is the leading global provider of outsourcing solutions in the legal industry, including Administrative Managed Services, Financial Managed Services and IT Managed Services. Formerly known as Intelliteach, Frontline Managed Services connects its more than 600 law firm clients with administrative and IT services in ways that were never previously imagined, leading to an average 10-times return on investment and 40% reduction in overall operating expenses. Founded in 1987, Frontline Managed Services has more than 700 employees across locations in Atlanta, Honolulu, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Toledo, Washington D.C., Toronto, London, and Goa, India. For more information visit

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