Global Link Law Revolutionizes Legal Solutions with Cutting-Edge Services

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Global Link Law, a pioneering legal service provider, proudly announces the debut of its innovative services. The firm’s offerings focus on revolutionizing legal solutions for businesses navigating the intricate landscapes of health tech, procurement, insurtech, and more.

Global Link Law’s main service includes its tiered subscription model plans, with a focus on procurement counsel and legal advisory service for startups and established businesses. They are currently offering three plans: the Health Tech Expander, the Procurement Lawyer Advisor, and the Procurement Trainer.

  • The Health Tech Expander leverages global in-house counsel expertise for seamless US market entry. It is a specialized service designed to support Health Tech companies in entering the US market. It provides access to seasoned attorneys with extensive global in-house counsel expertise. Tailored for Fortune 500 dealings, the service offers strategic advice to ensure high-level engagement.
  • The Procurement Lawyer Advisor introduces innovative solutions to effectively manage third-party risks associated with procurement. The cost-effective service aligns expertly with organizational growth objectives, efficiently addressing the surge in legal needs related to procurement.
  • The Procurement Trainer enhances team capabilities through tailored training. It offers monthly access to an experienced procurement attorney and delivers tailored and interactive training and educational sessions designed for procurement, legal departments, and law firms. Providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional legal services, this external expertise enhances team capabilities.

In addition to subscription plans, Global Link Law offers diverse services, including legal counsel for hire, legal advisory on contract strategies and cross-border contracts, live training, negotiation playbooks, and consulting. The firm takes an innovative approach to address various legal needs, ensuring clients have access to tailored solutions that align with their objectives.

Led by Robyn D. Marino, Esquire, Global Link Law positions itself as a strategic partner for a diverse clientele, including health tech startups, pharmacy services, payors, insurance companies, procurement departments, and digital solution and technology service providers. Robyn’s leadership, backed by over 20 years of experience, brings a wealth of expertise in technology, data licensing, procurement, and cross-border transactions.

Global Link Law invites businesses and professionals to explore their services and book a discovery call.

About Global Link Law

Global Link Law serves as a strategic partner specializing in guiding businesses through intricate procurement and cross-border transactions. Focused expertise in pharmacy, insurance, and health tech sectors allows the firm to offer strategies and guidance on how to expedite market entry, streamline processes, and provide value in the US market. Trusted for precision and strategic insight, Global Link Law offers tailored solutions for digital solution providers and procurement departments, ensuring a smoother journey and delivering real value.

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