Harris & Hayden Law Hired by Antelope Valley Union High School District Board Members

LOS ANGELES, March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Harris & Hayden Law (formerly Harris & Associates) is pleased to announce it is representing Antelope Valley Union High School District former board member Robert Davis and current members Victoria Ruffin and Amanda Parrell in their defense against a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Bridget Cook, the former general counsel for the district.

On Tuesday, March 2, the judge ruled in favor of the three Harris & Hayden clients, throwing out the vast majority of the claims against them. With more than 50 years of legal experience between the partners of Harris & Hayden Law, John Harris and Herbert Hayden not only have strategic legal thinking but also are effective at execution.

In a case involving all the elements of a made-for-TV movie — intrigue, innuendo and racism — Harris & Hayden has defended its three Antelope Valley clients zealously, charging ahead against injustice.

Over the past few years, Antelope Valley Union High School District has faced allegations of racism and discrimination. The community’s polarization is evident, including the tone of some of its teachers, who blatantly showcased nooses and a Black man hanging dead from a tree in front of city hall on social media.

Harris & Hayden, a Black-owned law firm, has been unwittingly dragged into the middle of this imbroglio of unfounded and unsubstantiated accusations by the school district. The firm has endured numerous baseless, derogatory articles written about it in the local newspaper, the Antelope Valley Press. “We know the truth — and we will file suit,” said John Harris.

The current climate of racism and political unrest has been particularly difficult to witness. Cellphone videos have brought us a torrent of outrageous images of Black death. Perhaps the racism and division in Antelope Valley Union District will cause it to take a long, hard look at itself. And with the latest successful ruling for its three clients, Harris & Hayden is bringing a moral reckoning. The Antelope Valley Union High School District must decide what kind of society it wants to promote — one that encourages a thriving and hopeful democracy or one that continues to foster racism and inequality.

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