ImageRights Enters Legal Tech Market with Launch of ImageRights for Law Firms

Cloud-based platform delivers web search, evidence gathering and claims management functionality to law firms of any size, anywhere in the world.

CHICAGO, June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ImageRights International, Inc., the world’s leading copyright enforcement service for visual works, announced today at The Copyright Society’s Annual Meeting, the launch of ImageRights for Law Firms, a copyright management and enforcement service utilizing proprietary legal technology designed for law firms and corporate legal departments to directly protect their clients’ copyrighted photographs, illustrations, digital art, and other visual works.

ImageRights for Law Firms is specifically designed to find actionable copyright infringements and to monitor and evaluate online usage trends.  Powered by ImageRights’ groundbreaking AI search, image matching and sighting analysis technology, the service constantly monitors the internet for image uses, analyzes the findings, and then presents the sorted, filtered and ranked sightings in a clean and simple interface, allowing attorneys and their clients to rapidly review them for unauthorized uses.

The platform automatically acquires evidence, including time-stamped screenshots with server IP information, and compiles critical case information, minimizing the time attorneys and their clients spend on case preparation and accelerating the timeline from claim identification to initiating action. 

The secure, cloud-based service is extremely easy to use. There is no software to install, nor is an IT team or tech experience required to get started. Once an attorney registers for the service, their firm or company can add additional attorneys and clients to their account, upload their clients’ copyrighted images, and begin reviewing any sightings of those images found, all in a single day.

ImageRights’ proprietary AI image search, analytics and automated case generation technology has been the driving force behind ImageRights International’s industry-leading copyright management and enforcement platform for its visual artist clients and partner law firms since 2009.  ImageRights’ CEO Joe G. Naylor explained, "ImageRights has partnered with scores of IP law firms over the past decade.  They have often asked if we could provide specialized searches for copyright infringement cases they were litigating or even just run a general search for one of their clients.  It became clear that there was an opportunity to leverage the incredible technology we have developed and expertise in identifying potential infringement claims and providing that directly to IP law firms and in-house legal teams."

 "For more than a decade, I’ve had the pleasure of working with ImageRights in assisting some of the world’s leading photographers and noted rightsholders in protecting their intellectual property," said John Tehranian, a founding partner at One LLP.  "With its team of experienced professionals, unflagging commitment to best practices, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly interface, ImageRights represents the gold standard in the industry.  ImageRights for Law Firms gives both in-house and outside counsel the opportunity to draw upon the expertise and proprietary tools of ImageRights for the first time to help ensure their clients’ copyrights are properly protected."

Starting at only $195 per month, ImageRights for Law Firms enables IP attorneys to deliver exceptional value to their clients, providing them with a powerful tool to recruit new clients and grow their practice overall.  ImageRights will be demonstrating ImageRights for Law Firms to copyright attorneys and other members of the copyright community at the Copyright Society’s Annual Meeting being held in Chicago June 12-14, 2022.

About ImageRights

Founded in 2009, Boston-based ImageRights International, Inc. ( provides AI-driven intelligent Internet search and copyright enforcement services to photo agencies, image archives, professional photographers, and media companies worldwide, enabling them to maximize control and monetization of their intellectual property.

Its ImageRights for Law Firms division ( provides services for copyright attorneys at law firms and to corporate legal departments, enabling them to directly protect their clients’ copyrighted visual works.

ImageRights operates the only fully automated US Copyright Office copyright registration service for visual works, utilizing distributed ledger technology to provide an immutable record linking registered images to the registration number issued by the US Copyright Office. ImageRights protects more than 20 million client images and digital assets globally on behalf of professional photographers, photo agencies and media companies, and has registered more than 1 million images with the United States Copyright Office on behalf of its clients. ImageRights’ systems process and analyze more than three billion images annually.

About The Copyright Society

The Copyright Society, a non-profit organization established in 1953, is devoted to copyright law awareness and education. With headquarters in New York City and over 1,000 members nationwide, The Copyright Society’s mission is to foster interest in and advance the study and understanding of copyright law in literature, music, art, theater, motion picture, television, computer software, architecture, and other works of authorship, and their distribution through both traditional and new media.

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