IME Companions is Providing Legal Advocates for Law Firms to Help Veterans in the 3M Combat Arms Earplug Class Action Lawsuit

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y., Feb. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — IME Companions is pleased to announce their legal expert advocate service for law firms across the country to help them see their clients’ success during the 3M Combat Arms Earplug Class Action Lawsuit.

A class-action lawsuit has recently been filed against 3M regarding the long-term, negative, hearing-related effects of using their military-grade earplug product, the dual-sided Combat Arms Earplugs™ (CAEv2). The lawsuit is being filed to provide compensation for those who qualify under the circumstances that they were (1) in the military between 2003-2015, (2) wore Combat Arms Earplugs, (3) suffer from hearing loss or tinnitus, and (4) had hearing loss or tinnitus diagnosed by a doctor.

Anyone requesting compensation for this class action lawsuit will be required to partake in a mandatory defense medical exam (DME). IME Companions offers their legal advocate services to law firms across the country, helping veterans and other class action lawsuit filers who were affected negatively by being required to use these earplugs. An IME Companion will be present to assure no medical histories may be taken during the course of any examination conducted at the request of defendants. Nor may any plaintiff be required to fill out forms relating to a medical or other history during any such examination. IME Companions will not allow defendants to use a medical examination as a means of obtaining narrative discovery relating to a plaintiffs’ medical history or prior noise exposures. IME Companions are invaluable at these defense ordered medical exams where clients are most vulnerable, and prevent these defense medical exams from turning into a deposition. IME Companions are there to protect the clients and the case.

With the threatening potential of a class action lawsuit victim being undermined and uncompensated, it is best to ensure that there is an expert in the room with your client. Learn more about how IME Companions is giving victims a louder voice for the 3M Combat Arms Earplug Class Action Lawsuit at

About IME Companions:
For over 5  years, IME Companions has been there for law firms and their clients during their independent and defense medical exams. IME Companions and its team of trained advocates provide attorneys an extension to reach across the nation to be at their clients’ defense-ordered exams when they cannot be. The role of each companion is to be there every step of the way — from client preparation to being in the exam room with them, and even in court. Law firms can trust that their clients’ exams will go as smoothly as possible, and will grant the best results. You can learn more about IME Companions and the services they provide at

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