Joseph Guiliano, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Haley Guiliano, LLP, Announces Transition to Chief IP Officer at Adeia

The Legal Luminary Embarks on New Executive Role After 25 Years of Dedication and Innovation

NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — After a renowned career spanning 30 years, Joseph Guiliano, the esteemed Co-founder and Managing Partner of Haley Guiliano, LLP, is retiring from the practice of law. Effective January 1, 2024, Mr. Guiliano will step into a new chapter as he assumes the role of Chief IP Officer at Adeia, a pioneering presence in the media space.

Joe’s legal career is characterized by proactive strategies and foresight that lead to innovative business-centered solutions. Widely regarded as a leader in complex patent and trade secrets, his work is designed to stand up to assaults and compound in strength over time. Whether it be patent prosecution, IP transactions, litigation, or strategic counsel, Mr. Guiliano’s work looks at portfolios holistically and anticipates changes in the landscape, ensuring continued asset development, competitive patents, strategic licenses, beneficial development agreements, and fruitful purchases. His forte in crafting innovative business solutions delivers favorable dispute resolutions years down the road, marking his legacy of foresight and success in long-term planning.

A part of HG since its inception as a spinoff of Ropes and Gray, Mr. Guiliano has brought this same prevoyance for long-term success to the architecture of HG as an organization. His vision, leadership, and keen business acumen have shaped HG into the leading boutique IP firm it is today and set it up for ongoing success after his departure.

Commenting on this significant transition, Guiliano remarked, “My decision to transition from the practice of law to an executive role at Adeia is a personal choice rooted in the pursuit of new challenges and opportunities. I am immensely proud of my role at Haley Guiliano, and I am grateful for my time with the firm. I have been privileged to have a hand in developing the best team in IP and have no doubts the new leadership team will usher in a new era of success at HG.”

Reflecting on this transition, James F. Haley, Jr conveyed, “Joe has been an invaluable asset to our firm, leading with unparalleled expertise and vision. While we’ll miss his guidance and leadership, we wholeheartedly support his new endeavor and are excited about the opportunities it presents for him and our firm.”

Joe Guiliano’s legacy at HG testifies to his unwavering commitment to legal excellence, technical acumen, and innovation. His departure, though bittersweet, paves the way for new avenues of growth and opportunities within the firm. As Joe embarks on this exciting new chapter, the HG team extends their warmest wishes for his continued success.

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