Lassen Law Firm Shares 22 Top Reasons for Denied Life Insurance Claims

PHILADELPHIA, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lassen Law Firm’s nationwide life insurance lawyers serving all 50 states will help those with denied life insurance claims. These are the most common reasons for life insurance claim denials.

  1. Not a Known Risk. Insurance companies frequently deny claims of a death by a new illness such as a new Coronavirus, like COVID-19, stating that the illness was not around at the time the policy was made, therefore, the premium did not account for the risk.
  2. Contestability Period. In most states this is 2 years and gives the life insurance company the right to investigate the application and medical records.
  3. No Beneficiary. Claim might not be paid if beneficiary not named.
  4. Last-Minute Beneficiary Change. Typically a new girlfriend, boyfriend, caregiver or person with a Power of Attorney may submit a change before death.
  5. Disputed Beneficiary. One or more people dispute the named beneficiary.
  6. Ex-Spouse Still Named as a Beneficiary and insurance companies will deny due to state laws which can cut off an ex-spouse.
  7. Beneficiary Form Not Accepted.  Many times a beneficiary change form was not accepted by the insurance company.
  8. Misrepresentation on the application. Denial due to some medical issue wasn’t disclosed on the initial application
  9. Criminal Background Not Disclosed. Can be basis for denial.
  10. Wrong Social Security Number on Application.  Another reason for denial.
  11. An Undisclosed Doctor or Hospital Visit. A claim may be denied for this.
  12. Lapse of Payment.  If a payment wasn’t received the claim may be denied.
  13. Waiver of Premium.  Denial caused by employer’s mistake.
  14. Suicide.  Many deaths are denied due to suicide and/or self-inflicted injury.
  15. Autoerotic asphyxiation. Deaths can be denied if deceased died during this act. 
  16. Felony. Claims can be denied if death happened during commission of a felony.
  17. Prescription Drug Exclusion. A claim can be denied if a prescription drug was in the deceased’s system such a fentanyl patch.
  18. Illegal Drug Exclusion. Claims can be denied due to heroin overdose. 
  19. Alcohol Exclusion. Insured may have been driving drunk, for example.
  20. Murder. Beneficiaries can’t collect if they murdered the insured.
  21. Inherently Dangerous Activity. Claim denial due to car racing, bungie jumping, skydiving, aerobatic flying, cliff diving, scuba diving, etc.
  22. Foreign Death.  Insurance companies frequently deny foreign deaths as they may not believe the death certificate is authentic, etc.

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