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BEND, Ore., Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Altman Inc. announced the launch of FundFilter is a private fund data and analytics platform built for investors of all sizes. FundFilter’s mission is to make data, research and core fund analytics accessible to a wide universe of private fund investors. This will enable them to independently screen, benchmark and stress test funds and fund strategies ahead of making a commitment.

"Accessibility is at the core of FundFilter. The private fund market has entered a new chapter with fund opportunities being offered to a much wider audience. While private funds can be complementary to an investment portfolio, there is a wide dispersion of performance which all investors need to understand. Hence, we believe that this wider audience should operate on a level playing field and have access to the same quality data and tools that large institutional investors enjoy in order to make optimal decisions and manage exposures. This is why we built FundFilter, to help bridge the knowledge gap between advisors and investors, reduce friction and lower costs," says Gavin Burke, founder of Altman Inc and

FundFilter combines the latest in machine learning technology with innovative engineering and design to create a fresh approach to private fund data. The product’s many features include:

  • Benchmarking across 6 core strategies and 16 sub-strategies
  • Forecasting cash flows and risk assets over several years
  • Screening fund managers’ fund performance, fundraising & teams
  • Optimizing future fund commitments based on existing investments
  • Creating and managing an unlimited number of portfolios

Altman Inc is a software company focused on combining the best of human insight with advanced technology to build products that make private investing more open, efficient and interactive.

If you have any questions, please call Gavin Burke at + 1 646 379 7137 or email

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