Leading Online Executor Software Announces Integration with Financial Institutions

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., March 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Joining the FinTech revolution, EstateExec™, the leading online software for estate executors, today announced support for intelligent integration with hundreds of US and Canadian financial institutions, easing the burden of being an executor and helping to ensure estate settlement accuracy.

Every year, more than 3M people die in the US and Canada, and by law, their estates must be settled by an executor, usually a family member who has never done it before. EstateExec provides step-by-step guidance for the executor, automatically tailored to the particulars of the estate, and automated financial accounting: it can be used on its own or in conjunction with a lawyer or financial advisor.

“EstateExec’s new support for banking integration enables executors and other professionals to skip the drudgery of manually entering transaction details, and to eliminate a source of potential errors,” says Dan Stickel, CEO of EstateExec. “In addition, inexperienced executors sometimes don’t know to use EstateExec when they first start working with an estate, and they often get partway through the process before realizing that the job would be much easier with a software aide. By that time, they’ve often handled a number of transactions, and this new capability allows them to seamlessly begin using EstateExec without having to re-enter all those transactions.”

While consumers are increasingly familiar with services that integrate with their banks, EstateExec’s integration differs somewhat from the norm, since EstateExec is purpose-built for estate settlement. Rather than simply reporting standard expense categories such as food, clothing, or gas, EstateExec analyzes bank activity determine whether downloads correspond to previously entered transactions, new estate distributions, debt payments, estate expenses, and so forth (required for various estate accounting regulations).

EstateExec offers a free 10-day trial for new customers, and costs only US$99/CA$129 for a five-year license (an expense that can be written off to the estate). Customers include executors, lawyers, accountants, and other financial professionals.

ABOUT EstateExec: Based in Silicon Valley, EstateExec is the leading provider of software for estate executors. EstateExec is revolutionizing the way executors settle their estates, making it easy to manage, calculate, and process. For more information, visit www.EstateExec.com in the US, and www.EstateExec.com/ca/ in Canada.  

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Andrea Rizk


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