LegalMatch Reaches 6 Million Case Count Milestone

SAN FRANCISCO, July 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — During a time when other legal marketing models are losing momentum, LegalMatch announces that it has surpassed 6 million cases posted on their online attorney-client matching platform.

As more and more attorneys are relying on digital marketing, LegalMatch provides sustainable lead generation and case retention for attorneys across the country. The company is also well on track to reaching 6.5 million cases in the upcoming months.

Case generation is the lifeblood of legal marketing; law firms must depend on a steady stream of cases in order to grow and thrive in their particular area of practice. LegalMatch’s unique model helps firms of all sizes obtain and retain case leads, ranging from the boutique solo practitioner to large mega firms across the country.

LegalMatch was founded in 1999 and reached its first 1 million case milestone in 2007, 2 million cases in 2011, and 3 million in 2014. It continued its growth and passed 4 million cases in 2017 and 5 million in 2020.

Besides supporting law firms with cases and leads, LegalMatch also provides its member attorneys with an ever-evolving array of tools and guides to help them with their online marketing.

For instance, in July 2021, the company launched its "Comparing Legal Marketing Services" page, which allows attorneys and law firms to compare various legal marketing services quickly and at a glance. 

In January of 2022, LegalMatch launched yet another proprietary innovation, its Legal Case Volume Heatmap. This tool allows lawyers to view which areas in their state have the highest concentration of cases. 

The country’s first and largest online attorney-client matching platform, LegalMatch continues to offer attorneys innovative ways for lawyers to engage in digital legal marketing — a highly valued service in a world where many workplaces and consumer activities have shifted to a remote setting. Gone are the days of flipping through a phone book and calling law offices blindly. Today’s consumer of legal services is more research-savvy due to smartphones and apps.

Looking back, the past years have yielded successive wins for the company. LegalMatch looks forward to continued growth and expansion in its mission to connect everyday users with the legal services they need to obtain a better quality of life. 

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