LegalMatch Remains Largely Immune to Negative Economic Trends Caused by Recessions

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —, the nation’s first and largest online attorney-client matching service, continues to provide lawyers with a form of legal marketing that is able to withstand the pressures and trends of recessions. Recent case intake data collected by the company demonstrates steady performance in spite of negative economic trends seen in many other industries.

The legal industry as a whole often experiences economic downturns differently from other industries. During the pandemic, for example, as the labor and employment sector found people losing their jobs, consumers sought legal services to assist with issues like unemployment. According to an article by Esquire Disposition Solutions, specific areas of law (Insurance Litigation, Labor and Employment, Trust and Estates, and Cybersecurity) experienced increased demand during the pandemic.

LegalMatch Reports Positive Case Intake Data

LegalMatch continues to report excellent case intake performance that can be seen as recession-proof. To illustrate, LegalMatch experienced significant growth in the following categories during the height of the pandemic:

  • Family Law: Case increases of 20% in 2020 Q2 and 15% growth through 2021 Q1.
  • Labor and Employment Law: Case increases of 14% starting 2020 Q3 and currently sustaining a 15-20% increase. In the Esquire article, Labor and Employment was also anticipated to have a spike in demand.
  • Real Estate, Housing and Property Law: Cases increased significantly by 57% during 2021 Q1 and 22% during 2022 Q3.
  • Criminal Law –  Significant increase was in 2021 Q1 with Felonies, Misdemeanor and Drug related crimes being the drivers of this increase.

These are just a few examples of the overall growth experienced by LegalMatch at a time when figures were plummeting in other industries. LegalMatch is a unique online marketing service for lawyers that provides a steady stream of clients across broad geographical regions.

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Other legal marketing efforts such as organic search campaigns and paid media campaigns remain important, but these are often subject to the whim of economic and market factors. In contrast, LegalMatch’s nationwide network has been in existence since November 1999, providing a stable source of clients and revenues in a way that appears largely independent of recessions and other economic factors.

Ken LaMance, LegalMatch’s General Counsel says, “This data provides reassurance that the case intake and workflow at LegalMatch is likely to remain steady and consistent regardless of downward economic trends in other sectors.”

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