LegalMatch Supports Recommendations to Increase California State Bar Revenue

SAN FRANCISCO, May 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LegalMatch California supports recommendations to increase revenue for the California State Bar. The State Bar is an important organization responsible for the governance and monitoring of the legal profession throughout California.

Recently, the California State Auditor has recognized the need for mandatory fee increases in 2024 to help cover rising personnel costs. The Auditor also suggests minimizing this increase by raising other fees for certain services.

Overall, these actions will help ensure the California State Bar continues to performs its essential duties, which include:

  • Protecting the public through the licensure and regulation of attorneys
  • Enforcing attorney discipline
  • Administering the California bar exam
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal system

Clearly, these elements are crucial for maintaining public access to legal services. These tasks are overseen through 16 different programs, which are mostly supported through general fund revenue and mandatory annual licensing fees that attorneys pay yearly. The State Bar itself also agrees with the Auditor’s recommendations.

LegalMatch California has a close working relationship with the California State Bar. The State Bar initially approved LegalMatch California to operate as a certified Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) in 2020. The State Bar also renewed LegalMatch California’s certification in 2021 and 2022.

This means that LegalMatch California member lawyers are all in good standing with the California State Bar, meet the Bar’s LRS insurance requirements, and are all screened for relevant legal experience in their respective practice specialties.

Since 2020, LegalMatch California has helped 61,181 people connect with lawyers in their specific geographic locations and in the practice areas of law needed.

“It was a huge historic step back in 2020 when LegalMatch California became the only major legal leads provider in compliance with California’s requirement to be registered as a Lawyer Referral Service. Stepping up then as well as supporting the California State Bar now in their efforts to stay fiscally sound is something we wholeheartedly stand behind. LegalMatch has been a proponent of programs to offer more choice, diversity and inclusion in the legal field for over 2 decades and lend our agreement to the State Auditor’s recommendations.” – Cheryl Smith, Head of Marketing, LegalMatch California

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