Publishes New Cases Heatmap Page

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — has recently published a new legal case heatmap page that provides a visual representation of legal case density in a given area. This is a unique feature that allows attorneys to quickly scan a map and learn which areas have the highest concentration of legal cases by region and legal practice specialty.

Using the heatmap page, attorneys can select a legal category from a drop-down menu, then scan the map and learn which areas have higher case volumes. These functions allow an attorney to:

  • Plan and coordinate marketing efforts more efficiently
  • Allocate resources in a more targeted manner
  • Focus on geographic areas of interest for their practice
  • Quickly see which regions have the highest demand for their law practice specialty
  • Research which law practice specialties are in higher demand in their region

Areas of law (legal categories) represented on the map include:

  • Family
  • Criminal Defense
  • Personal Injury
  • Business
  • Bankruptcy
  • Immigration
  • Employment
  • Real Estate
  • Intellectual Property
  • Wills, Trusts & Estates
  • General continues to innovate new features such as the Legal Case Heatmap Page and its Legal Marketing Service and Lead Generation Companies Comparison Page in order to provide leading-edge attorney-client matching services. As a result of such proprietary features, has continued to increase legal case retentions and case submission volume even during pandemic conditions.

"Attorneys may not always have the full picture of the case volume associated with their practice area and location, so we created a user-friendly map that can help lawyers better understand where their services are needed the most throughout their state," says Matt Griffith, LegalMatch’s Chief Executive Officer.

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