Michigan Defense Lawyer Michael B. Kelly Named Partner at Kelly & Kelly, P.C.

NORTHVILLE, Mich., June 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Michael B. Kelly, a successful school law and juvenile defense attorney was named partner at the Northville based law firm Kelly & Kelly, P.C.. With a reputation for outstanding work, Michael has years of experience representing and defending the interests of students and parents in juvenile school matters.

The State of Michigan has a plethora of laws surrounding juvenile discipline in K-12 school systems. For parents and students facing disciplinary and juvenile criminal matters, this can be a challenging situation to handle. Because of this, most find it invaluable to work with a school attorney to ensure they have the best possible legal outcome.

With decades of experience in providing successful legal representation for their clients, Kelly & Kelly P.C. has a solid reputation for their performance both inside and outside the courtroom. Covering a wide variety of legal matters such as family law, child custody, divorce and juvenile law, this multi-generational firm has what it takes to get the best possible legal outcome in any situation.

One of the areas of law that has grown significantly in recent years for Kelly & Kelly is school and juvenile law, both in criminal and civil litigation. Spearheading this area of law for the firm is school attorney Mike Kelly, with years of experience in school law and juvenile criminal matters. Mike has represented both parents and students in and out of courtrooms regarding a wide array of school legal matters.

One of the things Mike has been finding to be an increasingly large problem is sexting between minors which opens the door to a litany of charges that can be levied against those involved. This is in addition to other common school legal issues, such as suspensions, expulsions and assault charges.

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