Murfreesboro, TN Criminal Defense Attorney Examines Use of AI in His Practice

MURFREESBORO, Tenn., June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Clarke Law Firm, a prominent criminal defense law firm in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is exploring the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal field. Attorney David Clarke, well known for his expertise in criminal defense, is closely examining the use of AI technology in legal research and its potential to assist in writing motions and briefs.

As the legal landscape continues to evolve, advancements in AI technology have sparked curiosity within the legal community. Recognizing the potential benefits of AI in streamlining legal processes, Attorney Clarke is taking a proactive approach to integrating this emerging technology into his practice. “I like the topic and thinking about the outlook for the future of my practice with respect to artificial intelligence,” says Clarke.

Defense attorney Clarke aims to leverage AI to enhance his Murfreesboro-based firm’s efficiency and effectiveness without sacrificing the necessity of a personal relationship between attorney and client as well as between an attorney and the broader legal community such as prosecutors, judges, and courthouse personnel.

Can AI Be My Associate?

One area where AI shows great promise is in legal research. On average, lawyers commit about 20% of their total work time to research. However, new associates right out of law school spend around 35% of their time doing research for the law firm partners or the primary attorney they are assigned to. Sometimes paralegals are tasked with research as well.

The vast amount of information available to support defensive strategies and precedents can be overwhelming for legal professionals to sort through efficiently. By employing AI-powered tools and algorithms, Attorney Clarke hopes to streamline the research process, saving valuable time and resources that he can devote to his clients instead. With the appropriate prompts, he hopes AI can quickly analyze vast databases, identify relevant cases, and provide comprehensive legal insights, allowing him to make more informed decisions and build stronger cases.

Writing Using AI Has Potential

In addition to legal research, the Clarke Law Firm has researched the potential of AI in writing motions and briefs. Crafting persuasive legal arguments requires extensive knowledge of the law, case precedents, and compelling language. While AI can draft documents, it cannot replace the expertise and creativity of a skilled attorney.

Clarke says, “AI, like any technology, can be useful and helpful when used appropriately. However, AI has its limitations and cannot replace a human attorney. Recently, an attorney in New York learned this lesson the hard way. The New York attorney had ChatGPT draft a brief that he filed with the court. After the brief was filed, opposing counsel attempted to look up several of the cases cited in ChatGPT’s brief only to realize that six of the cases cited did not exist and were completely fabricated by the AI.” 

Human Intelligence Versus Artificial Intelligence

Clarke understands the difference between the human aspect versus the artificial element.

“A significant amount of criminal defense is personal relationships, i.e. knowing and having experience with the prosecutor who you are dealing with, knowing and having experience with the judge who you are dealing with, which AI cannot do,” emphasizes Clarke.

He points out that while AI technology offers exciting possibilities, it should never replace the human element of legal practice. The personalized attention, strategic thinking, and empathy attorneys provide to their clients are invaluable and irreplaceable. AI should be viewed as a tool to enhance legal services, enabling attorneys to dedicate more time to client communication, case strategy, and courtroom advocacy.

As the Clarke Law Firm delves into the exploration of AI, Murfreesboro criminal defense attorney David Clarke remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards and ethics of the legal profession. By embracing innovative technologies, he strives to give his clients a competitive advantage in criminal defense cases.

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