New Firm Launches with Four Tenacious, Experienced Lawyers

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Four experienced employment lawyers have joined forces to launch a new firm — MJSB Employment Justice.

MJSB Employment Justice Law is a 50% woman-owned firm with four equal partners – Chris Moreland, Bree Johnson, Ross Stadheim and Amy Boyle – all of whom bring significant employment law experience to MJSB Employment Justice, boasting over 50 years of combined law firm practice and success. MJSB Employment Justice launches as a new firm with an original client-centered mission, a contemporary office, and state-of-the-art website.

"I’m most excited to work alongside lawyers who are equally committed to securing employee rights in the workplace, even in the face of powerful employers who seek to silence them," said Bree Johnson. "Together, we at MJSB Employment Justice will fight for all employees harmed in the workplace by wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination and more. We have the experience, the corporate and business insight, and the passion to fiercely advocate for each and every one of our clients."

Moreland, Stadheim, and Boyle have represented hundreds of clients in courts across the country, and have all held leadership positions in law firms and professional organizations over the course of their long careers. With the new law firm, they will continue to build on their legacy of excellent representation. "There isn’t any area of employment law that is new or unheard of to us," said Ross Stadheim. "If it’s out there, we’ve seen it and litigated it. We have the skills and experience to handle any case from start all the way through trial if necessary." With the launch of MJSB Employment Justice, all four partners will empower new clients to fight for their right to be heard.

Johnson, who will serve as MJSB’s Managing Partner, previously had her own practice, Lotas Legal, an established, local employment law firm known for its client-centered, holistic advocacy, and worked as a big law Chief Strategy Officer.  She brings a unique perspective to the business side of law practice, which will also serve to ensure MJSB Employment Justice clients receive the effective, efficient, and holistic representation they deserve.

MJSB will deliver individualized legal services to meet its clients’ needs and goals more effectively.   MJSB’s clients will never feel like merely a case or a client number. The lawyers of MJSB Employment Justice pride themselves on client communication and going the extra mile to ensure that their client’s needs and expectations are exceeded.  The firm is excited to enter the arena to achieve its singular goal – providing "Employment Justice" for each of its clients.

Visit to learn more about the new firm and its mission, partners, practice areas, and office.

About MJSB Employment Justice:
MJSB Employment Justice fights for its clients’ right to be heard because we know employees harmed in the workplace deserve better. MJSB’s goal is to empower clients with legal representation from an experienced employment law partner and a firm-wide commitment to obtain justice for employees. Moreland, Johnson, Stadheim, and Boyle deliver individual attention and expert legal representation in the fight for employee justice and workers harmed in the workplace.

Media Contact:
Bree Johnson
Managing Partner, MJSB Employment Justice

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