New Lawsuit Analyzer App© Evaluates Legal Cases

Legally Evaluate a Potential Claim for $49 in Less Than One Hour

LARKSPUR, Calif., May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Have you been shortchanged by a vendor at your business? Were you disappointed by the work of a contractor at your home?

If you are wondering about filing a legal claim, but are uncertain whether it would be successful, there’s a new game-changing app to determine legal feasibility: the Lawsuit Analyzer©.

Use it to determine whether you have a viable case and the amount of damages you may collect. It even evaluates an essential aspect attorneys fail to assess: the likelihood that you will actually collect from your adversary.

The Lawsuit Analyzer App© is the first-ever case evaluation system. It uses a point method with the essential components of legal evaluation and feasibility analysis.

First published as a book, The Pocket Lawyer swept the country, receiving rave reviews from Good Morning America and other major media. The method has been updated as an app, to take advantage of current technology and make its powerful interactive resources accessible to the general public.

“I wrote the book so consumers and business owners could evaluate their own cases and have the tools to intelligently decide whether the case should be pursued, and how. The Lawsuit Analyzer App© makes the legal evaluation process accessible to users, so they can quickly assess the merits of their case and the likelihood of success,” said California attorney and author Marilyn Sullivan.

The Lawsuit Analyzer App© starts with 32-questions that may be answered in less than one hour and relies on a unique algorithm. After the user receives their results, they are led to an in-depth resource center that describes the process of pursuing a case, by themselves or with an attorney. Options include Mediation, Arbitration, Small Claims Court and the Upper Civil Court.

The cost of the app is $49, a modest investment when the damages may be several thousand dollars, or more. The app is available only at the website,Your Legal Self Help Resource.

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About and the Lawsuit Analyzer App©, Your Legal Self Help Resource, is a website that provides information to consumers and business owners to resolve legal disputes, whether through their own efforts or with an attorney. The Lawsuit Analyzer App© is a systematic approach to evaluating the merits of a potential case and the feasibility of collecting damages. For more information, please visit the website

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