New Office Coming Soon for Vikas Bajaj Criminal Defense Attorney

SAN DIEGO, March 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The San Diego-based criminal defense attorney, Vikas Bajaj, is getting a new office. The move is a strategic one as demand for legal representation in California steadily grows. Vikas Bajaj is widely considered to be one of the best criminal defense attorneys in San Diego and is regularly featured in local and national news. His reputation as the “go-to” trial attorney has pushed demand for his services higher throughout California and this new office aims at expanding Vikas’ legal practice while creating a modern and functional workspace for his team and clients.

Expanding in 2021

Opening a new office for Vikas Bajaj is an exciting project that is fueled by growth and demand. San Diego’s demographic is diverse and the market is ready. For the past 19 years, San Diego residents have trusted criminal defense attorney Vikas Bajaj to fight for them.

Modern Design

As with all of Vikas’ projects and ideas, it all starts with a strong foundation. This is why he made the decision to demolish the existing building and design a new one with particular goals in mind. The building is being built with materials that can be seen on some high-end contemporary houses and city buildings, materials such as streak-free curtain glass walls, spacious interior design, and a minimalistic, futuristic feel.

Vikas Bajaj’s New Office

Mr. Bajaj will start handling criminal cases once his new office building is complete later this year. Along with his team, he hopes this project will benefit not only his legal practice but the community of San Diego. Construction has been a lengthy process, but Mr. Bajaj is confident his new office will be a beacon of hope for individuals who need help with their cases.  

Presentation is Everything

Mr. Bajaj believes that a workspace such as an office, in the face of a company, and the quality and aesthetic of a place of work can leave a lasting first impression on clients. It’s a sign of growth and dynamism. According to Mr. Bajaj, “The Bajaj Building is a chance for my family and me to see our ideas come to life and it has been extremely challenging and rewarding. We look forward to growing alongside our beautiful San Diego community.

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