New Year, New Career: New Quiz Can Help You Find the Right Legal Path

RENO, Nev., Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Law students, lawyers, and legal professionals who aren’t sure which legal career path might best suit their lifestyle preferences can now benefit from the new Legal Career and Lifestyle Test developed by LegalMatch.

Many people enter the legal field without a clear sense of which areas of law to pursue or how to specialize their professional services. This test is designed to help individuals understand which legal career paths may be a good fit for them.

The test is brief, with just 9 questions to generate useful results. These questions touch on topics like:

  • Preferred work schedule
  • Government vs. private sector work
  • In-house vs. consulting work
  • Creative interests
  • Problem-solving preference

Many people mistakenly believe there are only a few set positions available in the legal field, such as being a lawyer or a judge. Others may already be working in the legal field but looking for a career shift. This test can help people understand the many different paths and roles in the legal industry, so they can find one that might best suit their needs and desires.

Often overlooked legal careers include roles like Legal Recruiter, Law Professor, Regulatory Investigator, Compliance Officer, Law Librarian, and many others. Each role within the legal industry has its own benefits and considerations when it comes to working schedule, skill sets, and other factors.

The Legal Career Test is just one of many resources LegalMatch provides. For instance, LegalMatch has also created a Case Heatmap to help prospective member attorneys understand the level of demand for specific case types by geographic area. LegalMatch also provides a Legal Marketing Services Legal Lead Generation Comparison Sheet to help lawyers understand the differences between various types of marketing platforms. As the nation’s first and largest online attorney-client matching service, the company strives to continually support the legal community through such resources.

“So many people think of lawyers as courtroom gladiators or corporate sharks, locked in their offices, but the truth is, a law degree is one of the most versatile keys you can hold. It’s like a passport to other interesting and challenging career options,” says Ken LaMance, LegalMatch’s General Counsel.

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