Parodactive Studios Relaunches The “Aluminum Lady” and Her Cast of Union-Busting Executives

MIAMI, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — "Aluminum Lady" is back on your small screen, and she’s more money-hungry and tone-deaf than ever.

If you’ve never seen her, the Aluminum Lady is a character developed by Gailen David to parody greedy airline executives. Although focused on the airline industry, it’s fair to say that the "Aluminum Lady" is all about exposing greed and corruption in every sector. The YouTube web series gained national attention when American Airlines sued its creator when the storylines hit too close to home.

As a former American Airlines flight attendant, David created the character to bring attention to self-dealing, union-busting executives while fostering support for workers everywhere. David draws on his experience flying through his employer’s use of bankruptcy laws to cut pay, benefits, and retirement of employees while still shelling out bonuses to executives.

When she first sashayed onto the scene, the Aluminum Lady made waves at airline headquarters and union-busting consulting firms everywhere. Still, after a temporary hiatus, she’s coming back to the YouTube and Facebook platforms and is rumored even to be exploring TikTok.

As viewers await new content from Aluminum Lady, they can explore "Vintage" clips on Aluminum Lady’s Facebook page. And slowly but surely, Aluminum Lady’s team will restore all the videos to her YouTube Channel following their deletion by an anti-labor hacker.  

Aluminum Lady is now setting her sights on the anti-labor practices at non-airline-related businesses like Amazon and Starbucks. She may even pop up at one of management’s captive audience union-bashing meetings or the one-on-one lunches employees are being "invited to" by managers to discuss their careers. Stay tuned because Our Lady may be lurking in a fulfillment center or a coffeehouse near you.

The Aluminum Lady’s BFF "Delta Dawn" exposes the union-busting tactics at Delta Airlines, well-known for their shocking anti-union practices. Grab your notebook and pen and check out her PSAs on Delta Dawn’s Facebook group.

Delta Dawn wonders why people would want to disturb the harmony of Delta’s "workplace family" with a union. She will do just about anything to prevent Delta Airline’s flight attendants from gaining the pesky rights afforded by union representation. The "direct relationship" where management decides everything and workers have no rights is what Delta Dawn is determined to preserve.

"Do my Yorkies want to be unionized too? You see how ignorant that sounds?"Delta Dawn.

Take a page out of Ms. Dawn’s book when a family member brings up unions at holiday dinner and tells them, "I’d rather find out you’re homosexual than pro-union." And don’t forget the utter look of disgust to complement the statement. Worst-case scenario, start screaming at the top of your lungs.

"Don’t question the culture. EVER." Delta Dawn, anytime someone asks about unionization

Catch up on all things Delta Dawn on her Facebook page.

Be sure to like Aluminum Lady’s Facebook page and subscribe to her YouTube Channel so you can be the first to watch the new videos as they drop! And if you need to review Our Lady’s previous releases, head to the Facebook video collection to watch them all.

About "Aluminum Lady": The Aluminum Lady and her boardroom of CEO sidekick characters were developed by Gailen David to parody greedy airline executives. The bitingly humorous series exposes the manipulative tactics used by management to deny workers a voice in the workplace and the improvement to pay, work rules, and job security they deserve. The series is being relaunched by Parodactive Productions.

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