Poston Communications Launches Poston Formbook, a First-Of-Its-Kind Cloud-Based Subscription Database with Easy-To-Use Forms, Templates and Checklists for Marketing, Public Relations and Communications Professionals

ATLANTA and DENVER and ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Poston Communications today announces a new division of its communications agency: Poston Formbook, which provides hundreds of easy-to-use forms, templates and checklists for every area of operating and growing a law fir7m or legal organization. Poston Formbook is a cloud-based, subscription database that currently consists of more than 250 forms with more than 500 in development, covering marketing, business development, public relations, crisis communications, content, digital, administration and operations, and more. Additionally, special modules will be available for one-time purchase and include a comprehensive set of forms to support firms in specific initiatives including Chambers and Partners submissions, crisis planning, developing an attorney business development program, and others.

"The concept for Poston Formbook has been developing for the last 15 years, as our law firm marketing, public relations and business development colleagues are constantly seeking forms, templates and checklists from us and from each other. The pandemic and recent events truly confirmed that this was a resource that we needed to share with our legal industry colleagues immediately," said Dave Poston, Esq., chief executive officer and general counsel of Poston Communications and chief creator of Poston Formbook. "As our agency has grown and the legal industry’s in-house body of knowledge has expanded, we recognize the value and importance of memorializing this information and offering it for the betterment of our industry."

Built on a membership-based model, Poston Formbook offers a range of benefits such as web-based access to a library of forms and reference documents, a monthly member newsletter, educational webinars and support. Poston Formbook is designed to reduce busy professionals’ time and resources required to create marketing, communications, business development and sales materials. Further, professionals can be confident that they are accessing trusted, best-in-class forms and templates created by a renowned agency team.

"Poston Formbook was developed with the idea that legal industry professionals would no longer need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ or have to conceptualize forms, templates and checklists themselves. We have sought to bring best practices in communications, business development and operations to their fingertips. And our pricing was designed to be reasonable, and perhaps the least expensive and most valuable means of adding another ‘team member,’" added Poston. "Poston Communications and Poston Formbook will be closely aligned and supported by the agency’s infrastructure, now in its 16th year of operation as an award-winning national communications agency. We long ago realized that one of our differentiating factors was our process-orientation and commitment to client service, and we are excited that now our friends and colleagues can put that intellectual property to use for their own needs."

Future Editions and Features of Poston Formbook

While the first edition focuses on the legal industry, serving attorneys, legal marketers, and legal administrators in law firms and at legal organizations, Poston Formbook plans to roll out new editions and features. Future editions are in development for the accounting, financial services, insurance, real estate, and nonprofit sectors. Editions for faith-based organizations, higher education, management consulting and sports organizations are also on the drawing board.

Anticipated features for legal and other editions include a robust community of members, webinars, content development and distribution services, in-person user conferences and more.

Poston Formbook Nonprofit Grant

Registered nonprofits can apply for a free membership to Poston Formbook to support their communications efforts through the "Poston Formbook Nonprofit Grant." Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with a total of 10 memberships provided to nonprofits at any given time. The first recipient of the grant was United Against Poverty.

"We have had the good fortune of assisting many nonprofits over the past few decades and realize that Poston Formbook could assist them in achieving their important missions, so we are pleased to provide free memberships to nonprofits providing essential legal representation or assistance services as our work in this area has shown resources like Poston Formbook are essential to their important work," said Poston.

About Poston Communications LLC

Poston Communications is a national public relations agency serving global professional services companies including law, accounting, architecture, associations, construction, engineering, financial services, healthcare, human resources, interior design, investment banking, management consulting, real estate, recruiting, technology and venture capital. Chambers & Partners recognized Poston Communications in its Litigation Support and Crisis & Risk Management Guides for its superior work. Learn more:

About Poston Formbook LLC, Legal Edition

Poston Formbook is a first-of-its-kind cloud-based subscription database that provides hundreds of easy-to-use forms, templates and checklists to marketing, public relations and communications professionals. The first edition was developed for the legal industry, to be utilized by attorneys, legal marketers, and legal administrators for operating and growing law firms and legal organizations. Future editions will serve the accounting, financial services, insurance, real estate and nonprofit sectors. Poston Formbook provides hundreds of easy-to-use forms, templates, and checklists for every area of operating and growing a law firm or legal organization, including marketing, public relations, crisis communications, content, digital, communications administration and operations, and more. Learn more:

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