Privakey Revolutionizes Enterprise Security with Passwordless SSO Solution

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Privakey, a pioneering provider of passwordless authentication and authorization solutions, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking Single Sign-On (SSO) solution designed exclusively for enterprises. This innovative solution marks a significant leap towards robust cybersecurity while simplifying access.

Recent incidents, reminiscent of those faced by leading organizations, emphasize the critical need for passwordless authentication and authorization. Cybercriminals, through clever social engineering, exploit traditional password systems, causing significant financial damage. Privakey SSO offers a proactive solution, significantly reducing the risk of costly breaches.

Unmatched Security and Simplicity
Privakey’s Passwordless SSO introduces a powerful cryptographic authenticator seamlessly incorporating your biometric data, PIN, and passkey for both authentication and authorization purposes. Accessible through mobile devices (iOS and Android) or using cutting-edge passkey technology on Macs and PCs, Privakey’s solution redefines simplicity and security.

Privakey SSO transforms the user authentication experience. It eliminates the frustration and hassle of passwords and out-of-band codes. Instead, Privakey offers users the fastest and most convenient method for accessing cloud-based applications and services, while dramatically reducing the risk of attacks.

Enhanced Identity Verification and Seamless Integration with Existing Systems
Privakey SSO boasts a built-in identity verification feature. A biometric or PIN asserted by the user, plus the device-based secure passkey verifies the user’s identity as originally registered, adding an additional layer of security. It serves as a secure gateway to a multitude of digital services.

Privakey SSO can function as a standalone, lightweight company identity platform, or it can be quickly integrated to provide fast and easy passwordless login to industry-leading enterprise identity solutions from Microsoft, Google, Okta, and others.

Swift and Elegant Implementation
“Privakey SSO is designed for speed and simplicity in both implementation and user experience. Small and medium-sized businesses can have Privakey SSO up and running within hours. Large enterprises benefit from a single, highly secure passwordless gateway to authorized applications and services,” stated Charles Durkin, CEO of Privakey. “We’ve engineered our solution to be fast, easy to use, scalable, and robust, ready to help you eliminate passwords—the primary target of cybercriminals. It’s ideal for healthcare, financial services, ecommerce, legal, and IT sectors.”

Join the Privakey SSO Free Beta Test
To experience the future of secure access, join the Privakey SSO Free Beta Test, launching on January 30, 2024, and concluding on May 31, 2024. To register for participation in the Beta Test, please visit the Privakey website at

About Privakey
Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, Privakey leads in passwordless authentication and authorization, with founders experienced in government security. The company offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for workforce and customer-facing identity, authentication, and authorization, centered around its industry-leading Central eXchange (CX) technology. This technology efficiently brokers authentication requests in a secure, rapid, and scalable way. Privakey’s SSO and Identity Services (IdS) are based on CX technology, with IdS APIs offering direct access to CX capabilities, enabling companies to integrate Privakey’s speed and simplicity into their workflows and transactions. Privakey holds key patents foundational to CX technology and modern passwordless identity solutions, including US9813400, US10348715, and US10904234.

More Information
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