Protek Focus on Client Success Drives Breakthrough Releases

QUICKTake Flat Rate & Expedited Forensic Service and the Advanced "RAR" Report Breakthroughs Deliver

WILLOWBROOK, Ill., April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Protek International, Inc. (Protek) unveiled two breakthrough client-focused initiatives: the QUICKTake flat rate, expedited digital forensics service offering and "RAR" (Rapid Assessment Report), a revolutionary report which also serves as the QUICKTake report deliverable. 

"This is great, none of your competitors are doing anything like this!" was the reaction of the chair of one of the nation’s leading trade secrets and unfair competition practice groups when shown a pre-release RAR report. 

Rather than subjecting clients to something of a massive data dump, further exacerbated by hyper-technical terminology, as appears to be the norm in the field, RAR presents focused and meaningful examination results, tuned to the facts of the particular matter, and in a way that is immediately understandable to a lay person, hence the "Rapid" in Rapid Assessment Report.

"Our focus is on the success of our attorney and investigator clients," shared Keith Chval, President and CEO of Protek. "In Digital Forensics/Investigations, one form that translates into is, ‘How can we present our findings in a way that our clients can immediately understand the electronic evidence and how it plays into their efforts so that they can quickly put it to use and focus on their highest skills, investigating and litigating, rather than wasting time trying to become junior forensics examiners?’ Chval continued.

Protek’s RAR accomplishes this by taking key data points such as a device user’s communications (email & texts), file related activity, browser and Internet searches and activity, usage of USB storage devices, and data destruction efforts, then filtering, sorting, and analyzing it based on investigation/litigation-specific criteria and presenting the information in a meaningful (eg, deletions in the last 7, 30, and 30-60 days) and laymen-friendly (ie, English!) way. The RAR includes a one page "Executive Dashboard" that pulls forward the most critical of the most important and includes examiner commentary and recommendations.

Complementary to RAR, Protek’s client-centric focus is exhibited by its new "QuickTake" flat-rate and expedited forensics service offering, featuring the RAR report as its deliverable. QuickTake, or "QT," is a fruit of Protek’s continued focus on its "Honest. Simple. Smart." corporate touchstones. QT makes it as simple and easy as possible for clients to engage Protek, while knowing exactly what their costs are going to be and what they will receive (the RAR report) through engaging Protek. 

"And," Chval adds, "by preserving electronic evidence in a forensically sound manner in the process, QT also not only protects clients from spoliation claims, but also secures a client’s full range of investigation or litigation options that otherwise disappear over time as critical electronic evidence is inadvertently destroyed or devices are lost or redeployed."

Behind the scenes, Protek has undertaken a comprehensive services and operations assessment and re-vamp since its 2020 corporate transition.  "I couldn’t be more happy than to have the first two tangible signs of this work be QuickTake and RAR which are so squarely focused on our clients’ experience and success," shared Chval. "Our success is in direct correlation to that of our clients," Chval added.

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