Respected and Enduring Immigration and Real Estate Legal Firm, Liu & Bitterman PLLC, Celebrates 21st Anniversary by Announcing Reorganization – Samokhleb & Bitterman Law Group P.C.

‘No matter where you are, our law firm is always your most reliable friend’

NEW YORK, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ZL Capital’s affiliated law firm, Liu & Bitterman PLLC announced its reorganization as Samokhleb & Bitterman Law Group P.C. in an ongoing celebration of 21 years as an immigration and real estate firm in the New York area. Founded by Chinese immigrant and legal expert, Yu Liu, featuring partners Yevgeny Samokhleb and Greg Bitterman, the expansion and reorganization of the firm is a continued renewal of the team’s commitment to helping clients successfully immigrate to the United States, while also helping other clients secure their financial and real estate legacies.

Samokhleb & Bitterman Law Group: The Evolution of a Law Firm

  • 2001: Firm founded by Yu Liu as Liu & Associates PLLC; office located in Flushing, New York.
  • 2002: Headquarters relocated to Manhattan, New York.
  • 2012: Initiated EB-5 investment-based immigration practice; Cindy Zhang (current regional center owner) joins team.
  • 2014: Greg Bitterman joins firm as partner, bringing criminal and real estate expertise; firm renamed Liu and Bitterman PLLC; Yevgeny Samokhleb joins as a partner, overseeing EB-5 department.
  • 2017: Firm successfully assists 10,000+ immigration clients since its founding.
  • 2022: Expands and reorganizes as Samokhleb & Bitterman Law Group, P.C.

Samokhleb & Bitterman Law Group: Professional Legal Representation

"As an immigrant from China, I am able to put my feet in the clients’ shoes," said founder Yu Liu. "No matter how difficult the case is, I always try my best to help the clients achieve success."

  • Graduate of China University of Political Science and Law.
  • Graduate of The George Washington University.
  • CEO of ZL Capital and business consultant.

"I am very honored to be a member of this law firm team," said partner Yevgeny Samokhleb. "Over the past years, we have successfully transformed the lives of thousands of immigrants all over the United States, and I look forward to serving thousands more in the years to come!"

  • Graduate of New York Law School.
  • Practicing immigration law for 12 years; admitted to practice law in New York, New Jersey, 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, and New York federal district courts.

"I am happy to provide all of the clients of this law firm with real estate and other legal services," said partner, Greg Bitterman. "Assisting the recent immigrants has been very rewarding and I look forward to doing it for many more years."

  • Graduate of Case Western Reserve University.
  • Practicing real estate and criminal law for 36 years; admitted to practice law in New York state and New York federal district courts.

To contact the firm, or for more information on the firm’s real estate, immigration, and criminal justice services, call 212-608-8880.

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