Sodoro + Mooney + Lenaghan Adds Employment Law Expertise

OMAHA, Neb., Feb. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Insurance defense firm, Sodoro + Mooney + Lenaghan, is proud to provide employment law support to companies of all sizes. Their experienced attorneys can proactively help craft detailed employee policies that provide upfront protection for employers, as well as strong legal support for employee disputes and claims.

Developing employee documents and handling issues is a huge burden on human resources departments prevents them from focusing on their primary job responsibilities. Now, they can depend on the experienced employment law attorneys at Sodoro + Mooney + Lenaghan as an extension of their HR team.

“Making your job easier is our number one goal,” says Patrick Sodoro, Managing Partner of Sodoro + Mooney + Lenaghan. “In regards to employment law, we will proactively shape your policies and bear the brunt of any issues between you and your people. Our firm will work closely with you, quickly responding to your questions and striving to make your workload more manageable.”

From major corporations to small and medium-sized businesses, the team at Sodoro + Mooney + Lenaghan can provide ongoing support and help quickly resolve minor issues that arise. They will assist in preserving company culture while producing positive outcomes. Their expertise covers FMLA, employee handbooks, benefits, and the company policies that help establish a healthy office environment and a thriving workforce.

Sodoro + Mooney + Lenaghan is a full-service law firm answering to the legal needs of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

For more information, or to contact the team at Sodoro + Mooney + Lenaghan, go to or email Kelsey Gazda at
or (402) 504-9346.

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