Tangibly Awarded IAM’s IP Disruptors 2024 Award and Announces Major Product Updates to Help Accelerate Trade Secret Management in the Enterprise

SEATTLE, Feb. 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Tangibly, the leading AI powered trade secret management platform, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious IAM IP Disruptor 2024 award. IAM, a division of Law Business Research, recognizes Tangibly’s role as a significant innovator and disruptor in the Intellectual Property space. The award highlights Tangibly’s contributions to transforming the landscape of IP management and protection of trade secrets through its innovative solutions.

Trade secrets are rapidly becoming strategic business assets in part because most major economies have enhanced their trade secret laws, but also because of the size of recent judgments including last year’s $2B Appian decision. This award confirms the importance of trade secrets and reinforces Tangibly’s mission to help companies manage their trade secrets as business assets.

Tangibly is proud to announce the launch of a freemium version of its AI tool, Patent X-Ray™ aimed at helping companies rapidly identify potential trade secrets.  Seamlessly integrated into Tangibly’s trade secret management platform, Patent X-Ray empowers legal teams and law firms to identify and document potential trade secrets associated with patents. By simply inputting a patent number, Patent X-Ray leverages Tangibly’s proprietary AI to analyze and produce potential trade secrets which are automatically grouped by topic. It further predicts the importance and vulnerability of these secrets via a mapping feature. Users can then conveniently review, edit, or accept these suggestions, incorporating them directly into their compliance and management workflows.

Another major development is the launch of the beta version of Contract X-Ray™. This tool represents Tangibly’s first foray into contract analysis, offering an AI-driven solution to rapidly determine a contract’s ability to protect trade secrets. Contract X-Ray works on all types of contracts including NDAs, license agreements, and partnership agreements, to name a few.  As with its other tools, Contract X-Ray integrates seamlessly into Tangibly’s platform, augmenting the legal team’s capability to manage contracts more effectively and efficiently.

Tangibly additionally introduced significant updates to its NDA tool, Share™. These enhancements streamline the process of negotiating and executing non-disclosure agreements, which are critical to effective trade secret management. A full feature freemium version of Share is available here.

About Tangibly

Founded by a world-class team of legal, business, and technology market leaders, Tangibly is the world’s first AI-powered, end-to-end solution to help manage enterprise trade secrets. Unlike patents, trademarks, and copyrights, which have a government registry to establish their authenticity, trade secrets require owners to execute certain best practices to ensure the asset is legally compliant. Tangibly makes this process easy and efficient. Built on AWS with best-in-class security, Tangibly’s platform allows companies to protect their competitive edge by identifying, managing, and protecting their valuable trade secrets.

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