The Lassen Law Firm Lists 35 Reasons for Denied Life Insurance Claims

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Lassen Law Firm’s top life insurance lawyers provide 35 reasons for a denied life insurance claim:

  1. Material Misrepresentation: Providing false information during the application process typically with respect to health history.
  2. Suicide: Many policies have a suicide clause, typically within the first two years.
  3. Death during Contestability Period: If the insured dies within the first two years, the insurer may investigate for misrepresentation.
  4. Policy Lapse: Non-payment of premiums resulting in policy termination.
  5. Death during Grace Period: If the insured dies during the grace period after a missed premium payment.
  6. Excluded Causes of Death: Certain policies exclude specific causes of death, such as high-risk activities or pre-existing conditions.
  7. Illegal or Criminal Activity: Death resulting from criminal acts or illegal activities, felony exclusion.
  8. Fraudulent Claims: False information provided when filing a claim.
  9. Policy Expiration: Death occurring after the policy expiration date.
  10. Non-Disclosure of Medical History: Failure to disclose relevant medical information.
  11. Policy Incontestability Clause: The insurer may contest a claim within a certain period if there is suspicion of misrepresentation.
  12. Drug or Alcohol-related Death: Policies may exclude deaths related to drug or alcohol abuse. Denied AD&D Claims often have this denial reason.
  13. Death Outside Coverage Territory: If the insured dies outside the coverage area specified in the policy.
  14. Participation in Hazardous Activities: Engaging in activities such as extreme sports or dangerous hobbies.
  15. War or Terrorism: Some policies exclude death resulting from war or acts of terrorism.
  16. Failure to Notify the Insurer of Changes: Not informing the insurer about significant life changes.
  17. Policy Waiting Period: Death occurring during the waiting period for certain types of policies.
  18. Occupational Hazard Exclusion: Death resulting from an occupation excluded by the policy.
  19. Terminal Illness Exclusion: Some policies exclude death resulting from a terminal illness diagnosed before the policy issuance.
  20. Failure to Update Beneficiary Designation: Outdated or incorrect beneficiary information.
  21. Unintentional Death During Criminal Activity: Death occurring while engaged in a criminal activity, even if unintentional.
  22. Failure to Disclose Travel Plans: Not informing the insurer about travel to high-risk areas such as Ukraine or Gaza.
  23. Policy Fraud: Providing false information to obtain the policy.
  24. Misuse of Medications: Death resulting from the misuse of prescription medications.
  25. Living Benefits Exhausted: If the policy includes living benefits, exhausting them may impact the death benefit.
  26. Beneficiary Dispute: Disputes among beneficiaries.
  27. Lack of Insurable Interest: The beneficiary may need to have an insurable interest in the insured.
  28. Death in a Prohibited Country: Some policies exclude coverage for deaths occurring in certain countries.
  29. Failure to Pay Loans Against Cash Value: Defaulting on loans taken against the policy’s cash value.
  30. Failure to Disclose Financial Status: Not disclosing relevant financial information during the application.
  31. Misuse of Alcohol or Prescription Drugs: Death resulting from the misuse of alcohol or prescription medications.
  32. Failure to Maintain Insurability: Not meeting certain requirements to maintain coverage.
  33. Policy Rider Exclusion: Specific riders may exclude coverage for certain conditions or events.
  34. Death During Policy Reinstatement Waiting Period: Death during the waiting period after policy reinstatement.
  35. Intentional Self-Inflicted Injury: Suicide, especially after the suicide exclusion period.

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