VISA2US Optimizes the User Experience of Immigration Services by Automation and Digital Technologies

SEATTLE, Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VISA2US, a Seattle-based leading immigration technology company, launches its online platform to simplify the U.S. immigration process and make legal services more accessible to immigrants. VISA2US combines advanced technology, best-in-class legal experience, and real-person interaction to maximize the efficiency and simplicity of the application process.

Immigrants usually spend thousands of dollars on attorney fees or months figuring out the application process. VISA2US is on a mission to revolutionize the immigration process and significantly lower the barriers of entry to immigration applications at reasonable prices. With the VISA2US immigration technology platform, immigrants can save time and thousands of dollars without compromising the quality of their applications. 

Make immigration case straightforward and transparent

VISA2US is dedicated to transparency and success in the immigration process. Instead of filling out complicated immigration forms, a VISA2US customer simply needs to answer a series of straightforward questions and follow clear steps to complete the application. The system will generate USCIS forms automatically and track the application status in real-time. If the customer has any questions, he/she can reach out to the VISA2US legal team anytime and gets the most comprehensive answers in 24 hours.

Applicants will no longer be uncertain about the documents they submitted. VISA2US provides clear and direct instructions that guide them throughout the process.

With all the information completed, the VISA2US system will generate ready-to-submit application packages for customers. In addition, a client will have access to experienced attorneys who have handled thousands of successful cases. The attorneys will represent the client and communicate with the USCIS if the USCIS has any concerns about the cases submitted. No matter where the client is, they can easily contact VISA2US support team whenever they have a question about their application through the system, emails or phone calls and have their concerns answered by a professional legal team led by attorneys.

Comprehensive guides and tutorials

VISA2US provides step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos/articles to guide each customer through their application process. VISA2US team also monitor USCIS updates and immigration news to ensure all the guidelines provided to customers are up-to-date. Check out VISA2US blogs for more information about immigration applications, policies, news, and lives in the U.S.

Key points

  • Transparent, simple and efficient process to save your time
    • Easy-to-follow/track
    • Know who is assisting your case
  • 24/7 Assistance and help from your legal team through multiple channels to choose from
  • Guides and resources to lead you through as you complete your application
  • Better communication and easy access to experienced attorneys who have at least 99% of case approval rate
  • Lower cost and higher flexibility because of proprietary automated technology platform
  • 5-star customer service and satisfaction

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VISA2US is a Seattle-based immigration technology company dedicated to optimizing the user experience of future immigration services by automation and digital technologies. We transform the immigration application process into an intuitive online digital interface by integrating artificial intelligence technologies and the knowledge from the most experienced immigration attorneys. Our team includes PhDs, scientists, engineers, and attorneys who have extensive experiences in immigration and user-friendly technology and share the passion for reshaping how immigration services are delivered in the future.

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