ForensisGroup, The Expert of Experts, Introduces New Website

PASADENA, Calif., Feb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Forensis Group, The Expert of Experts®, a leader in providing experts, expert witnesses and consultants for legal, consulting, insurance, and other litigious matters, has introduced a new website, improving the process of finding the best Expert Witness resources for a case.

"ForensisGroup is in the business of solving problems through connections. From inception, we have focused on providing experts to uncover the truth in disputed matters. The purpose of our new website is to make it easy for attorneys and other clients to find the right fit expert witness for their case," commented Mercy T. Steenwyk, President of ForensisGroup.

There are many complexities in a litigious case. Finding an unbiased expert to unravel, uncover and explain the why and how of a matter is critical in educating a judge or jury. "There is a lot of work involved in finding an expert witness with the right background and industry experience. Attorneys and their staff do not have the time to search, recruit, and qualify the experts best for their cases. They are busy working on strategy, identifying the facts and building the case. Finding the best expert in the best discipline is where ForensisGroup comes in. The customer identifies their need, and we take over the search and recruitment. We make it very easy for our clients. We work as part of their team at no cost until retention," Ms. Steenwyk added.

The ForensisGroup one-step online process streamlines the search process. The customer completes an intake form explaining their needs. From there, the ForensisGroup team works on identifying experts, interviewing and conducting confidential checks until the right expert or experts are identified. "We have worked with thousands of experts. Yet, we treat each case as our first in that field. That means that we re-evaluate our experts, and if needed, search for the right fit. We are experts at evaluating and matching experts to a case. I have always believed that doing what is right matters. For that reason, we want to be involved in providing the absolute best expert for a case," she concluded.

About ForensisGroup
ForensisGroup, The Expert of Experts®, is a leader in providing forensic experts, consultants, and witnesses for legal, insurance and other complex controversies and litigious problems. Founded in 1991, ForensisGroup is known for its integrity by bringing the best experts together to help uncover the truth. With over 3,000 experts and consultants specializing in business, engineering and construction, environmental and science-related areas, the firm has served over 20,00 clients in over 30,000 cases. Recognized as a Top 100 Women-Owned and Minority-owned business in Los Angeles, ForensisGroup is committed to being socially responsible to local and global communities. ForensisGroup has been voted the Best Expert Provider in the National Law Journal and has been AM’s Best Client Recommended Expert Service Provider for over ten years. For more information, visit the new website at or call 800-555-5542. 

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