Hello Divorce Introduces Groundbreaking 3-Step HomeSplit Tech Solution to Transform Property Division in Divorce and Separation

HomeSplit is a Proprietary Tech-Driven Approach to Navigating Real Estate Challenges in Divorce

OAKLAND, Calif., March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hello Divorce, a leader in modernizing and simplifying the divorce process, today introduced the HomeSplit Solution –– a game-changer for divorcing and separating couples facing the complexities of dividing what it is often their most significant asset: their home.

“The division of the home is a critical, emotionally charged issue that deeply impacts the future of reorganizing a family,” said Erin Levine, CEO and co-founder of Hello Divorce. “Our HomeSplit solution for owned property empowers separating spouses with personalized, impartial guidance and strategic solutions for their specific financial situation. The traditional ‘sell’ or ‘refinance’ mandates almost never align with the modern realities of today’s real estate market –– or the family’s best interests.”

Hello Divorce’s HomeSplit Solution is about more than just real estate transactions –– it’s a process designed to help both people in a divorce find a fair and sustainable path, tailored to their unique circumstances, so they can move forward with renewed hope and confidence. Often in divorce, decisions are made to optimize short-term gains, without a comprehensive understanding of their long-term impact.

Empowering Divorcing and Separating Homeowners with Tailored Support

Hello Divorce’s HomeSplit software solution streamlines real estate decision making, combining on-demand customized evaluations, expert guidance from divorce real estate specialists, and connections to vetted expert partners –– all without out-of-pocket cost to consumers. Homeowners input information about their home’s sale price, mortgage, estimated value, and goals post-divorce, and get a comprehensive report detailing their personalized options –– plus the opportunity to speak with an expert real estate strategist to further understand the financial impact of each potential decision. The experience is crafted to meet clients’ unique needs offering empathetic, strategic support for navigating the intricacies of property division confidently –– tailored to their personal and financial goals.

Hello Divorce’s HomeSplit process transforms the often adversarial process of dividing property to make sure homeowners have access to the best possible deals –– free from predatory practices, and supported by a network of vetted professionals. This comprehensive support extends beyond closing of real estate transactions, because Hello Divorce offers on-demand mediators and a suite of legal services available to resolve any potential issues to make sure families can reorganize their lives in the most beneficial manner possible.

Since its beta release, HomeSplit has empowered more than 7,200 people to find innovative solutions for property division, such as streamlining buyouts, identifying unknown liens and tackling refinancing hurdles. The benefits are now available for free to everyone –– whether a Hello Divorce client or not and with or without legal representation. 

Comprehensive Support at the Intersection of Legal, Financial and Property Technology 

“Launching HomeSplit through Hello Goodbye, Inc., our new subsidiary, reinforces our commitment to a holistic divorce and separation process,” Levine said. “We’re not just addressing legal logistics and real estate needs, but also providing a full spectrum of support for the entire divorce life transition to ensure everyone has access to affordable, high quality resources that enable them to manage divorce complexities and transition smoothly into their next, best chapter.”

**About Hello Divorce**

Hello Divorce is leading the way in transforming the divorce experience, providing a supportive, innovative platform that simplifies the legal complexities of divorce. By integrating real estate expertise through the HomeSplit Solution, Hello Divorce fully supports clients in making informed decisions about their homes, facilitating smoother transitions to new beginnings.

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