Homer L. Hartage Releases Vital Guidebook on Navigating Guardianship Challenges Amid Rising National Concern

“Family and Professional Guardianship: A Compete Planning Guidebook for Guardians of Adults and Children with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Developmental Disabilities.”

ORLANDO, Fla., March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Expert care giver and advocate, Homer L. Hartage, recently announced the upcoming May release of his new guidebook to help lead Floridians and others through the complex world of legal guardianship. “Family and Professional Guardianship” addresses how to achieve the critical balance between safeguarding vulnerable individuals while also managing their legacies, preserving their dignity, and securing their autonomy.

“Dealing with guardianship is all about finding the right balance between the legal bits and the human side of the issue – tempering the legal framework with compassion and understanding,” said Hartage. “There is a way to do that with care and respect, and I wanted to shed some light on how. It’s a topic that can be pretty daunting for families and my hope is that this will help clear the dark fog that has recently obscured the truth around guardianship. To show that it’s really about protecting and respecting our loved ones. Guardianship should be a safeguard, not a restriction.”

Guardianship Limelight: From Britney Spears to Wendy Williams

Recent high-profile cases involving celebrities like Britney Spears and Wendy Williams have catapulted guardianship issues into the public eye, raising questions about ethical considerations and the potential for harm that is inherent within these legal arrangements. Hartage’s book comes at a pivotal moment, offering a balanced perspective aimed at dispelling myths around the process.

And while these cases spotlight the risks associated with guardianship, Hartage emphasizes its continued, essential role in providing care and management for those unable to make decisions due to mental or physical impairments. The book underscores guardianship’s potential to offer stability and support, when executed with proper oversight, competence, and ethical considerations.

From the Introduction:

“Let’s face it. In addition to the emotional turmoil that goes along with seeking and obtaining guardianship, families are often confused and overwhelmed by the legal process. I will explain the different types of guardianship, including person, property, limited, voluntary, guardian advocate, veteran, plenary, family, and professional guardianship. We will then delve into the appointment process for becoming a guardian, including who can become a guardian, the steps and requirements for obtaining guardianship, and the role of the examining committee. The ultimate goal of this book is to serve as a guide that will make nearly any guardian case succeed.”

Key Insights and Practical Guidance

Informed by real-life case studies and Hartage’s own expert insights garnered over years of work in the field, the guide equips readers with the knowledge to help navigate guardianship with ease and confidence. Including matters like:

  • Understanding Guardianship: The nature and legal implications.
  • Types of Guardianship: Different types and their specific applications.
  • The Appointment Process: How to appoint guardians and their ensuing responsibilities.
  • Guardianship Alternatives: Less restrictive alternatives like durable power of attorney or health care proxies.
  • Guardian Management Roles: Practical advice for guardians to fulfill their duties responsibly.

A Guide for Today’s Families and Professionals

In a professional landscape marked by increasing scrutiny, “Family and Professional Guardianship” stands as a beacon of insight, advocating for ethical practices and informed decision-making. It is a must-read for anyone involved in or considering guardianship.

The guide is available from many fine book sellers, including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and ThriftBooks.com. And for more information on case studies and guardianship, visit www.AgedCareGuardian.com.

About Homer L. Hartage

Mr. Hartage is a seasoned guardianship expert who leverages his extensive experience to shed light on the intricacies of legal guardian status, while advocating for the rights and well-being of the vulnerable. His dedication to empowering families and professionals alike provides an indispensable resource in the field of guardianship, through both his written work and his charitable foundation. Learn more at: https://agedcareguardian.com.

Disclaimer: This press release is for informational purposes and does not serve as legal advice. For specific guidance on guardianship matters in Florida, please consult with a legal professional.

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