Legal Market Shifts to Demand Online Attorney Services

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Sept. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LegalMatch recently surveyed ten thousand prospective legal clients to determine whether and how they prefer to use online technologies when working with an attorney. 80% of respondents reported they were comfortable with working with an attorney remotely. As part of their ongoing commitment to improve the quality of attorney-client matching services, LegalMatch asked legal consumers about their preferences when it comes to attorney communication, technology, and other issues that are fundamental to working with a lawyer remotely.

LegalMatch, the country’s first and largest attorney-client matching platform, has continued to experience substantial increases in case submissions and case retention. The Remote Attorney Survey they just completed helps provide insights into why the company continues to experience growth and expansion.

When asked, “What would make you more comfortable with the idea of working with a remote attorney?” the following percentages of survey respondents indicated:

  • Knowing I could save time: 44.85%
  • Knowing I could save money: 54.80%
  • Knowing I could get a better, more specialized attorney: 45.90%
  • Knowing that if we needed to go into court that they can make it: 47.82%
  • Knowing that they are capable of doing whatever needs to get done: 70.68%

According to these figures, consumers view remote work as an indicator of an attorney’s ability to make the necessary adjustments to complete their services. Remote capabilities are highly valued as much of the consumer base has become accustomed to remote amenities due to pandemic conditions. 

Similarly, when asked, “What specific remote technologies do you like attorneys to use to help you?“, the following percentage of survey respondents indicated:

  • Phone calls: 77.02%
  • Email: 73.22%
  • Video call capabilities: 52.89%
  • Texting / online chat: 57.69%
  • Remote payments: 40.00%
  • Secure online document sharing: 56.53%
  • Automated case status updates: 47.77%
  • eSignatures / Document signing: 58.02%
  • Remote court appearance capabilities: 44.30%

These figures point to an important shift in the legal market — today’s consumer of legal services relies more heavily on smartphones and online technology, rather than older methods like phone books and billboard ads.

Survey data provides much-needed insights that allow attorneys to grow their practices and adjust according to client needs. “Working with an attorney remotely is more convenient and less time consuming than physically going to a law office. It also became a necessary factor for legal services during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey data confirms the legal industry’s hard shift toward remote legal services that’s occurred over the past few years, which should make things easier long-term for both lawyers and legal consumers,” says Matt Griffith, LegalMatch CEO.

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