LegalMatch Sees Major Surge in Tax Dispute Cases During Q2 Over Past Two Years, Anticipates Similar Trend in 2024

RENO, Nev., April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ —, a leading provider of legal connections, has observed a significant increase in tax-related disputes submitted to its platform during the second quarter (Q2) over the past two years (2022 and 2023). The organization anticipates a similar trend for Q2 of 2024.

Data analysis by LegalMatch reveals a staggering 87% increase in tax dispute cases submitted during Q2 when compared to non-Q2 periods since 2022. Withholding issues emerged as the most common cause for these disputes, suggesting a potential rise in taxpayer confusion or disagreements regarding tax withholdings applied by employers.

Withholding disputes can arise when employers withhold an incorrect amount of income tax from an employee’s paycheck. This can lead to tax refunds being lower than expected or even tax bills for the employee.

“Tax season can be a stressful time for many people. If you believe you have a tax dispute with the IRS or your employer, it’s important to understand your rights and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue,” says Ken LaMance, LegalMatch’s General Counsel.

LegalMatch remains committed to facilitating access to legal resources and connections during this period of heightened tax dispute activity. The organization offers a platform that connects individuals with qualified legal professionals who can provide guidance and representation on tax matters.

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