Loeb Leadership Receives the 2022 Elevate Award from the Association of Legal Administrators

NEW YORK, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Loeb Leadership is pleased to announce the national Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) has awarded the company with the 2022 Elevate ALA Award, making Loeb Leadership the first business partner in ALA history to receive this honor.

The Elevate ALA Award recognizes up to three recipients whose efforts demonstrate advancement in professional development, networking, visibility, and inclusion.

Loeb Leadership has been exhibiting and speaking at the national ALA conferences for over 10 years, and offers training and development workshops, assessments, and consulting services for the leadership and members of ALA. Their areas of personal and professional development include leadership and management development, team dynamics, culture work, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEI&A), and executive and leadership coaching. Loeb Leadership has offered a one-day workshop of their legal management training program, Managing for Impact, several times at ALA annual conferences, which received the highest evaluation of any ALA program in 2019.  The team consistently brings in incredible facilitators, coaches, and consultants to all engagements, and supports ALA members through the development process.

Closer to home, they have been deeply involved with the ALA New York City Chapter for many years, most recently offering assistance and expertise to the chapter through the pandemic. They offered the chapter multiple workshops on adjusting to remote work, participated as keynote speakers in ALA NYC’s 2022 Symposium, attended events, and even hosted a virtual cooking class for the board and business partners.

In early spring 2022, NYC ALA named Loeb Leadership "Business Partner of the Year" for all Loeb has done to support the Chapter through the pandemic and beyond. When the ALA National Conference rolled around, the NYC Chapter’s Board of Directors "unanimously and without hesitation or single objection" nominated Loeb Leadership as a candidate for national ALA recognition through the Elevate award.

"It means so much to be awarded this honor from those we respect and admire" says Natalie Loeb, Founder and CEO. "We are used to being the ‘supporting actor,’ not the ‘lead.’  We prefer that our clients stand out, as opposed to us. But this award is a recognition of the power of teamwork and symbolizes that our efforts to support our clients were noticed and appreciated. And of course, that feels truly amazing," she added.

The mission of Loeb Leadership is to develop extraordinary inclusive leaders, and constantly encourages people to realize the importance of investing in one’s own professional development and team. Loeb Leadership hopes that by receiving the Elevate award, they are encouraging and inspiring all leaders in ALA to continue learning and growing. 

"We hope to be able to support anyone who wants to develop themselves and their members as we go through these challenging times" says Gordon Loeb, President. "We bring a high level of passion to everything we do, and we enjoy seeing the positive effects we have on the people we work with," he added.

Spearheaded by David B. Sarnoff, Esq., Loeb’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Loeb Leadership is currently business partners with the NYC, DC-Capital, Philadelphia, and Chicago ALA chapters and hopes to expand their relationships into other chapters. Natalie, Gordon, and over 50 coaches and consultants are extremely proud to continue working with ALA and all its members.

Loeb Leadership is a leadership development firm that provides coaching, training, and development of the highest quality to leaders and managers in the legal industry and beyond. In addition to established workshops and assessments, Loeb Leadership coaching and development services are highly consultative and support a diverse offering of professional development opportunities. Loeb Leadership is based in Marlboro, NJ, but offer services and virtual training all over the world.

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