Look Law Hires First Chief Strategy Officer

Acclaimed serial entrepreneur and ad-tech executive Zeeshan Moha joins Look Law.

LOS ANGELES, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zeeshan joins the executive team as Chief Strategy Officer of Look Law, a technology-focused law practice specializing in real estate and alternative investment law (cryptocurrency, NFTs, and digital asset security law). A former Architect & Structural Engineer, LEED® AP, Zeeshan holds a highly regarded trifecta of expertise: the credentials, the experience, and a track record of building successful companies.

Collecting several distinct accolades along his career path, Zeeshan’s resume isn’t standard fare in the legal world. Zeeshan is Creative Director at Sulfur, a creative influencer marketing agency that specializes in advertising within complex regulatory landscapes, including attorney advertising. As a founder of Sulfur, Zeeshan developed  business opportunities in emerging markets such as aviation, medical devices, fintech, and law – all of which are governed strictly by regulatory bodies in their respective spaces (FAA, FDA, FINRA, and ABA, etc). Zeeshan is a Director of Ventra7, a commercial real estate brokerage focused on real estate for entertainment, movies, & TV. During the pandemic, Zeeshan pivoted the firm’s resources into tech-enabled virtual experiences, creating an independent division (Ventra7.io) that has 3D scanned over one (1) million square feet of commercial real estate, services Fortune 500 clients, and has created metaverse BIM enabled digital-twins of an existing building portfolio for a large enterprise client. Zeeshan is a Cofounder of Quantum, one of the first on-demand electric aviation companies in the world. He served as President, leading the company through FAA licensure, which it was recently granted certification to operate as a Pt. 135 airline, garnering a name and reputation in the aviation industry. Zeeshan currently sits on five boards, though he believes in standing on boards, not sitting. This is reflective of his management style and his belief that boards are responsible for driving growth and innovation and should never become complacent.

Zeeshan’s interdisciplinary experience affords him a deep understanding of business, deal structuring, and keen market insight, all of which ultimately result in Zeeshan’s ability to lead innovation and success in various business environments and disruption in regulated industries.

Armed with first-hand business experience that includes hiring law firms and lobbyists, Zeeshan will lead high-growth strategic initiatives at Look Law, identifying areas of opportunity, aggressive expansion, and advising the law firm as it scales its business. Zee (the nickname colleagues and friends have given Zeeshan) will lead growth in sectors of real estate, securities, and digital asset-related practice areas such as tokenomics and the application of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As a veteran serial entrepreneur, Zeeshan adds an element of business savvy typically unknown to law firms – actual experience in running businesses from a non-lawyer, executive perspective.

"The best lawyers don’t always make the best business decisions, so hire the people who do," said Victor Look, the firm’s Managing Partner. He says "Hiring a CSO, who will also double as CTO, for a law firm is a strategic decision that shows not only an awareness that technology plays an extremely important role in  the legal industry, but also shows the vision the law firm itself plays in the future legal markets."

A blend of startup founder experience, legal and financial knowhow, and a trained engineer’s mindset, applied to professional services businesses, produces a rare and valuable perspective that Zeeshan will leverage as Chief Strategy Officer of Look Law. On top of strategically aligning the law firm’s vision with its opportunity zones and resources, Zee is a wonderful addition to Look Law’s Regulation D, CF, and A capital raise services, sharing his direct experience and advice with founders and investors in closed sessions.

The biggest law firms (by revenue) from the US, UK, and China all have established positions of CTO, CSO, or Global Chief Innovation Officer. Yet, very few small or medium sized law firms emulate this and clearly articulate their vision, their eagerness for innovation, or their adaptability to market changes or new technology. The only ones that do are typically large behemoths with already established special units (e.g. Clifford Chance or DLA Piper).

Smaller boutique law firms need to do the same and must seriously consider the business functions of a law firm and look beyond convention, actively seeking innovation to drive the legal industry forward, profitably. This is a considerably different approach to the existing vision of today’s small to mid-sized law firms: either the partner(s) continue to service clients as individuals while sharing overhead costs, or you create a hierarchy and give the bulk of your grunt work to lower-pay associates. Neither model is efficient, there’s no room for innovation, employee satisfaction and talent retention is alarmingly low, and attrition is extremely high, all of which ultimately cost the client.

Law firms, like any business, need to be supported by high-level strategic business thinkers who understand that innovation comes in more forms than a Juris Doctorate degree. Look Law is demonstrating this foresight by leading the way in non-lawyer talent executive hiring, starting with Zeeshan. Having passed his first FINRA Securities Industry Essentials® examination, Zeeshan doesn’t intend on wasting any time. "We will be launching a new set of service offerings to address a wide gap in the legal services for blockchain market. This gap is largely due to a lack of technical understanding in the legal community. Look Law’s new service offerings will address gaps that reside at the intersection of blockchain, financial instruments, real assets, and securities law. We intend to bring clarity to the gray areas of Web3 and blockchain by providing a legal framework around complex subject matters, such as NFT copyright and intellectual property, defi compliance, tokenizing capital formation (STOs, exempt ICOs), AML and KYC compliance, smart contracts, blockchain mergers and acquisitions, and decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs," – Zeeshan Moha, CSO of Look Law.

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