My Legal Einstein Partners with the American Bar Association to Enable Attorneys with Advanced AI for Legal Contract Review

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — My Legal Einstein, the AI-powered Legal Contract Review software provider, today announced it has partnered with the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Blueprint program to help establish modern law practices by enabling attorneys with market-leading and advanced AI technology for legal contract review. Through ABA Blueprint, My Legal Einstein provides Legal AI capabilities through a simple subscription service.

My Legal Einstein is the first to offer comprehensive Legal AI capabilities, packaged in a simple-to-adopt subscription service that can be accessed by attorney groups of all sizes (from a single attorney, to small law firms to corporate legal departments), making Legal AI accessible to everyone through a simple registration process.

“By providing Legal AI as a subscription service, attorneys can simply register and start analyzing legal contracts in less than 5 minutes.  Time to Value is immediate.  Attorneys can start comparing 3rd party contracts to their own contract forms, corporate playbooks, and clause libraries.  Not only that, with Legal Topic Sync, attorneys can do side-by-side comparisons with up to 6 contract documents with similar legal language,” said Jim Chiang, Founder and CEO of My Legal Einstein.

“Through the ABA Blueprint program and technologies from My Legal Einstein, the ABA is helping attorneys implement best practice Legal AI technologies to speed the legal contract review process, improving attorney productivity, minimizing contract risk, and improving contract collaboration and negotiation. Blueprint users get a 20% discount off the software’s subscription,” said Chad Burton of ABA Blueprint.

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About My Legal Einstein (MLE)

My Legal Einstein, Inc, (MLE) is an online software technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, CA that leverages the latest AI NLP technology to transform the legal contract collaboration and negotiation process.  With MLE, users can simply register and immediately perform Legal Topic Analysis, Document Topic Comparison, and Intelligent Contract Collaboration. MLE is used by corporate attorneys, business owners, outside counsel, finance teams, and other groups responsible for legal contract review. MLE is optimized for end-user productivity, with a user interface that is optimized for the comparison of legal text.

Jim Chiang

SOURCE My Legal Einstein

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